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05/22/2019 05:50 PM 

The Taiko Minute #4: Games and Simulators!
Current mood:  nerdy

Hello! Welcome to the Taiko Minute again! Today, the blog post will be a bit of a long one! I'll be talking about games and simulators (and how to play said simulators!) for all of us folks who may not have the money to play Taiko no Tatsujin, or dont have any arcades close to them!

If you need to learn how to play Taiko no Tatsujin (if you're gonna jump into the world of simulators, check out this Taiko Time article -->HERE<--
The basic control scheme for simulators is DF  JK (DK being Ka's, or the outer rim of the drum, and FJ being don's, or the inner side of the drum)


Taiko no Tatsujin Drum Session is the first game that made it to the west since the PS2 game! That's an amazing feet! It has quite the DLC amount, and is often considered the best option between the 2 available right now! You can dress up your Don-Chan (like in the arcades) and you can also have drum sessions with characters like Hatsune Miku! If you have a PS4, this is a Must-Have!

Taiko no tatsujin Drum 'n' Fun is the Nintendo Switch version of Taiko no Tatsujin. The game being more recent, has less DLC and content than Drum Session, but releases are constant and a lot of content is coming! Instead of dressing up your Don-Chan, you get to choose between characters from the serie, each having their own abilities to help (or mess) your performance! Definetively a best pick for a newbie to the serie in my opinion!

Simulators are for veterans who wants to practice, or for folks who'd like to play the Taiko no Tatsujin games without the budget for it or who wants to try it out. I highly encourage you to support the franchise if you love it! That way, we can get more western releases! It's super important now that they're accessible! We need more western releases! But, if you'd like to drum it up on your computer or phone, here are some alternatives!

Taiko Bui PM is a browser-based simulator by Bui. This simulator has a bunch of songs built-in, which is perfect for quick taiko plays! It is also available to play on mobile devices too! Perfect for plays on the go! Other features includes online multiplayer, auto play etc! If you're new to Taiko no Tatsujin, I highly suggest starting out with Taiko Bui PM.
The downside of this simulator is that it is prone to lags sometimes, especially on phones or on low internet. Even on my computer, it has lags when go-go mode starts. However, it's a great place to start your Taiko journey, or to play with a friend!
To access the simulator, click the title of the Taiko Bui PM section! It should take you to the website to play it!

TJAplayer3 is, by far, the BEST Taiko simulator you could get yourself on your computer. Sadly, it is not compatible with mobile devices, but that's fine. This simulator was created by japanese dev AoiLight, and is by far the best one you'll ever get. It perfectly recreates the Taiko experience more than any other simulators! If you want to install the simulator AND a skin to make it look more like the real thing, click the title of this section to be taken to the reddit tutorial! If you'd like to see the simulator in action, here's a video of me playing it -->HERE<--

Osu!Taiko is probably the most well known Taiko simulator. However, it is often not regarded well by a part of the Taiko community, as, since it is based on the Elite Beat Agents gameplay, the maps aren't as representatives of Taiko gameplay, and some changes makes the experience less enjoyable for some. However, its high precision level skills, online leaderboard and various songs available makes it a prime choice amongst some donders! If you think Osu!Taiko is for you, press the link on this section's title!

End note!

I hope this helps anyone get into Taiko no Tatsujin! This game is so wonderful yet so underground... It's a shame it has such a lack of recognition in the west! If you need anymore information, would like some help or need some tips, feel free to comment or send me a private message! I'm always open to help any new donders!

Happy drumming!

05/20/2019 10:31 PM 

The Taiko Minute #3: Song showcare #2
Current mood:  jolly

Hello again! I totally forgot to do the Taiko Minute yesterday! And I almost forgot it tonight! It's currently 10 and I have an appointment at the dentist tommorow but who cares i'm doing it anyways!

Since I wanna make it short tonight, I'll do a song showcase. Here's a song I discovered throught Taiko: ゲラゲラと笑うな (Geragera to Warauna)
It's a pretty darn catchy song! I wonder why it isn't more popular in the western vocaloid community...

Anyways, I found this song and I adored it! What a funky tune! No lyrics in english seems to exist online of it sadly... But hey, I can enjoy the song nonetheless!

Here is a video of me doing a Full Combo on hard mode of this song. Yes, I do have a YT channel dedicated to my Taiko performances on TJAplayer3! If you like my stuff, please, consider supporting me with a lil like ynow! I'm not really doing this for anyone but myself thought, so I don't really care!

One day, I'll attempt this song in Oni. Maybe in a year or two, seeing the difficulty of it hahaha!

Fun fact: I haven't really seen anyone english-speaking perform this song and put it on yt... So maybe I'm the first english (and french) speaking person for documenting my attempt? Who knows!

05/18/2019 12:19 PM 

The Taiko Minute #2: Custom maps!
Current mood:  dorky

Hello and welcome back to the Taiko Minute, my little blogging corner for Taiko no Tatsujin, NAMCO's famous rhythm game!

Today, I'll talk about custom maps. Custom maps are basically, playable songs made by the community. These are more commonly found on OSU! where songs all have to be mapped from scratch. Usually, they are meant to be playable, even if they are very hard. However, my favorite custom maps are those that are more humoristic or who are seemingly humanely impossible to full combo. So, here's a showcase of some of my favorites!

The only map I'll present from OSU! The notes are meant to follow the speech of Scott, (ex) president of Domino's Japan. I attempted to play it myself, and it's very hard hahaha!
This is one of the tamest on this list, but it's a funny one! I really love it >w<

BALLOON2000 is SAITAMA2000's map, except all notes are replaced with balloons (which have to be hit several times each to pop). SAITAMA2000 is already hard on its own, but having to pop all the balloons is not an easy feat. I have the SHIMEDORE2000 equivalent on my own simulator, and it's extremely hard to even pop any balloon since the notes go so fast!

20m Shatoruran is quite the daunting feat to take if you are brave enough to do so. Not only is this map 20 minutes long in total, but it also has a total of 15666 notes. Just as a notice, the most notes I've heard of on an official Taiko no Tatsujin map is around 2000.
The notes starts out very simple, almost too easy. But as time goes on, the stream of notes grows gradually bigger and eventually, there's no break in between note streams. I reccomend watching this one by going over it, as I don't think you want to sit 20 minutes watching a really not interesting song be played.
(It honestly reminds me of those pacer tests in middle school...)

This song is an advanced version of Shimedore2000, which was a mashup of all the songs in the 2000 serie that had appeared so far at that time, and was supposed to be the last 2000 song. However, more were made, as a new mapper came along to map LindaAI-CUE's songs to replace the old one. However, this mashup seems to have new, fan made 2000 songs, as songs after Joubutsu2000 do not exist as far as I'm aware of in the games. (Listen I've never heard of Shoromaru2000 in my entire life). It's still quite good and has... way too many notes lol! The Joubutsu2000 part makes this especially hard

One of the very first custom map I discovered that wasn't from OSU, and it still haunts me. The notes streams, the changing speed near the end, the placement of the master notes, the 5 minutes lenght... This one is so horrible, it's perfect. A nightmare to play. This is what I see when someone tells me about custom maps. The creator chose to mark it as 30★ (as a reference, the normal games only goes as far as 10★). If there's one video you have to watch out of all of them, it's this one. Watch it without skipping. I remember watching it one night and not feeling anything anymore afterwards, wondering why in the world someone would go as hard making a taiko map...
I'm being dramatic here haha, but for real, it's really bad (in a good way). Definetively watch this one!

05/17/2019 07:58 PM 

The Taiko Minute #1: Song showcase!
Current mood:  breezy

Welcome to my blog! First of all, thank you for being here! This is where I'll be more serious, because sometimes, I need 2 be out of Da ScEnE zOnE xP. And I want to talk about my interest and my life! Today, it'll be Taiko no Tatsujin

I wanna showcase one of my fave song found in Taiko no Tatsujin! Today, it's "Altale"! Doesn't come from taiko per say, but! It's from a japanese name called Deemo. The song feels very grandiose of some sort. The speed and the note stream can make it very hard to full combo, especially the harder Oni version!

Here's a video of the alternate Oni version being full combo'd. I definetively reccomend to give it a watch! It's quite impressive!

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