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03/30/2019 07:01 PM 

Possible Final Post

Hey. Got pretty into Tumblr after signing up for this place and I guess I just haven't been hugely hyped for using this site. Cool place but just not afforded some of the options I like.

I'll probably post Tumblr url tomorrow for anyone interested in keeping contact, gonna sleep now.

03/22/2019 07:01 PM 

March 22nd, 2019

Been struggling to some extent with my emotions lately. Just a general mix. Anger, paranoia, minor self doubt & anger at being held back. Need to get back into my comfort zones and stuff that expresses my anger a bit better than getting ticked off by poor game design and then proceeding to rant about it about my throat hurts.

On another note, I've started writing more. I'm thinking about more stuff and it's helping me to get things in order to some extent. Can always destress to some extent by just coming up with plot elements for a bit. Been thinking about when authors insert themselves into stories and how they're so rarely antagonized, thinking it could be humorous and or interesting to try and pioneer that idea. Just appear in your own story as some pawn to the big bad who proves a middle of the road challenge or something. 

03/17/2019 07:01 PM 

Current mood:  lethargic

I'm going to stop trying to force myself to write daily blogs. I do try and think up stuff but I honestly can't sometimes. I'll just post whenever things come to mind.

Anyways, I've been thinking more about writing & ARGs. I would honestly like to try and do some stuff like that, some sort of website with a mix of webcomic & ARG. I already have an idea for my webcomic but I like ARG stuff. Maybe I could include ARG elements into the webcomic I'm already working? I don't know. I'd like to keep all the lore and world-building and stuff IN the story rather than putting some stuff in it and some stuff on specific websites that're out of the way.
The biggest thing I worry about is just having it closed away. I honestly don't really want my writing to get popular. I don't think I could mentally handle it nor would I like it. I feel like that deep rooted fear that people may flock to something I make is the one thing holding me back from pursuing anything. It's just uncomfortable to think about.

03/15/2019 07:01 PM 

3/15/2019, #1

Sorry for being bad about posting, been busy working on story and socializing with some friends. Also been working on new content drop for game I regular.

03/11/2019 07:01 PM 


I went out recently with family, I got some new shades that remind me of Neo from the Matrix & watched the first four episodes of Yu Yu Hakasho and Gettysburg this morning. Didn't do too much other, I should maybe find some specific topics to talk about tomorrow. Will if I find it in the time.

03/11/2019 07:01 PM 

Current mood:  crazy

New setup for blogs, will be dated with an attached number signifying how many I've made in a day. First post of day is at 7:01, second at 7:02, etc. Categorization.

Onto more relevant topics, if I suddenly stop posting, someone stopped my 168 hour nonstop marathon of Hotel Mario OST and thus, activated the killswitch implanted into my heart, blowing the inside of my chest outwards and all over the room in some sort of comedically sensible fashion. 

03/08/2019 07:01 PM 

Triumphant Return
Current mood:  accomplished

This is an actually triumphant return on the part of the fact that my internet finally works. Feels great to be getting the service that I should be getting. 

Anyways, I've been reading and general stuff like that. I watched some X-Files and took notes on it, read some manga and have been meaning to push through some books. I've also got to watch Gettysburg & Ghost in the Shell. Just a lot of studying media relevant to my projects, I also clocked in some time on my private Minecraft stuff, I may post builds of mine here eventually. 
Otherwise didn't really do much. I'll get back to posting soon, ta-ta.

03/02/2019 07:01 PM 

Useless Pursuit.
Current mood:  apathetic

What is the Useless Pursuit? I don't know. I just honestly couldn't think of anything properly ridiculous and vaguely moody enough for my daily blog. If I don't follow that tradition, I look stupid and then should be castrated for looking stupid. Or maybe I need a better tradition. This is kind of funny but not very true to what I blog about. A more appropriate title would be something along the lines of 'Did nothing today. How are you?' I think I'll do that tomorrow. I'm writing this last blurb to this as I finish this post, and perhaps that useless pursuit was the pursuit of this joke that I don't find funny after like, three days. Ladies and gentlemen, I've found the useless pursuit, it was making bad titles. I'll make good ones for now on.

This blog is going to be short. I didn't really do anything today. Did some worldbuilding with a friend, I played some games, listened to music, planning to work out soon. This one's going to be short honestly. I just didn't do anything today. Not out of anxiety or anything I just honestly have nothing to do. But I am a man of dedication, and I will not miss out on my presumably spotless record of blogging every day.

Tell me about your day in the comments, I'll probably respond tonight or tomorrow. I just sort of need something to do. I think I may work on my projects some and work out and then sleep because I honestly have nothing better to do. 

03/01/2019 07:01 PM 

Numbing the senses.
Current mood:  cantankerous

I'm going to keep up this trend of oddly dark titles to my blogs, I think it comedic. I hadn't even realized the possible implications of my post "Bound", in which I spoke about the song of the same title by Suzanne Vega until my friend told me; "Liam, that's terrifyingly titled. You sound like a BDSM fan(Gimp? I wonder what the technical term for someone into BDSM is, it had better be funny or this is but a waste of my time.) for Gods sake!" but not phrased like that in any way at all. 

I feel like there's a lot of potential. It started off unintentional and arguably rather fitting to my much more anxious and sad posts, but now I think it can hold a good comedic context since I'm less freaked out than I had been before.

Anyways, the point of this post is for me to say I hate dentists. I can't believe over half my mouth is going to be numb all day for a filling. Maybe for the best, but I'm good about my teeth now, I know what I'm doing, in fact, my teeth are a lot like my life thus far. Initially messy and poorly maintained, a fools crusade into his own death, and then I realized how I bumbled it all up and started taking care of myself. 

On another note, my wisdom teeth are coming close to the time when they can be removed, it's agonizing knowing my entire lower jaw will be numb that day. I'll probably have to tie myself to the bed to restrain my instinctual response to anesthesia which instructs me to, and I qoute my own mental beast: "Go absolutely hog ass wild on any dentist in your vicinity, be the filling to their cavities."

Terrifying stuff. I pray for their sakes that I am never given enough anesthesia to enter a permenant state of Dental Genocide. That would perhaps be the worst timeline.

Side note: I do not know what the mood known as "Cantankerous" is, but I hope for my own sake that it properly expresses the fury that oral anesthesia makes me feel.

03/01/2019 07:01 PM 

Miscellaneous Rambling.
Current mood:  okay

1) I realized as I prepared this post that one of the many moods this site allows is the "numb" mood, and I know feel, for lack of a better word, dumb as hell for not using that in my last post, y'know, the one where I expressed my hatred for dentists?

2) I should get another Ethernet cable. I haven't been using one on my PC due to finally getting a controller that functions. So, of course I've been messing around with my games, but now my computer screams in painful agony at the attempt to load any page with even slightly bloated HTML. Tragic, really.

3) Browsing through my file folders, I found some of my old game designs and got rather nostalgic. I'm considering trying to pick up coding, but I'm not talented artistically and putting anything out can take me ages, so I feel like it would be quite miserable to try and develop a game considering the monetary costs of getting help with modeling and texturing. I am considering getting into Halo Combat Evolved modding once I can get a computer upgrade. Sounds pathetic, I know, but my computer has quite the hard time loading things like New Vegas, let alone the G.E.C.K.

4) I'm finally in the mood to write again, I've been taking notes on new ideas and beginning to run through plotlines and such again. It feels nice to be back on my strong suit. I struggle with motivation because I feel held back by the world for a lot of reasons but I think I've finally got some bursts of inspiration and drive even in the face of some personal and external problems.

5) I'm going to try and create custom HTML for my page soon. I haven't done much web coding in a while, I think it would be a good exercise in coding.


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