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25 years old

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May 24 2024

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GeneralSmash Bros Ultimate, Yugioh, Pokemon Vgc, Magic The Gathering, Reading, Writing, Manga, Anime, Working Out, Weightlifting, Running (Tendons are shot until they get repaired), Cooking, Halo Infinite, Tekken, Street Fighter, Soul Caliber, Drawing, Poetry and much more.
MusicThree days grace, Avenged Sevenfold, Halestorm, Paramore, Slipknot, Metallica, Megadeth, Linkin Park, Fort Minor, Hollywood Undead, White Snake, Poison, Queen, Guns N Roses, The Rolling Stones, The Smashing Pumpkins, Pink Floyd, Nirvana and Escape The Fate.
MoviesNot big on movies unless their well written and have a lot of Symbolism like: "A Quiet Place."
TelevisionNot big on T.V Anymore either, stick mainly to youtube.
BooksThe Last Of The Mohicans, Treasure Island, The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, 1984, Animal Farm, The King In Yellow, The Trial, Moby Dick, The Bell Jar and Various works such as "The Lottery" and "The Raven."
Heroes My High School Coach, that man was everything I ever needed for a father figure. Kind, Caring, Goofy, Wise, Intelligent, Patient he truly was a great guy. Still is to this day. The Last Race I ran under him was the mile and I ended up running 5:03, to put that in perspective the first half of that race was ran in about 2:23. I was about 60 meters behind two Trinity High School Runners, which went on to qualify for state. I told myself to slow down that third lap, but I kinda wonder what would've happen if I kept it up. Would I have gone faster, who knows! The Entire time He was telling me "You're really flying keep it up!" Little things like that do mean a lot to young guys like me.

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Member Since:May 17, 2023

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About me:
My name is Timothy. You can call me Tim, Timmy or Austin if you'd like to. I'm twenty-four, I live in Kentucky, and I enjoy gaming quite a bit. Outside of that, I write quite a bit. I enjoy writing poems and uplifting messages to anybody willing to read them! I'm usually a pretty private person, so please excuse me if I don't typically share any personal events in my life too often. I don't work, I have personal reasons and health issues that explain that, but it's not important really. I like solving complex problems and enjoy critical thinking quite a bit. I'm a INTP personality type and any stereotypes regarding people with that are probably true about me. I enjoy rock music and alternative music, but I have a soft spot for anything with great storytelling.
Who I'd like to meet:
Anybody really, scene kids and emo people sign me up! I myself don't consider myself such, but I do have the hair for it and enjoy the style. I'm twenty-four years old. Anybody that's up for conversation, hit me up! I like a wide variety of things and enjoy gaming quite a bit. On a more academic note, I like Writing Poems and Sonnets. I usually talk about anything from life lessons to the hardships of life and how they benefit people down the road in them. Also, if you need anything positive to look at during the day, I write bulletins that bring people up! Consider me a motivational speaker of sorts! If you're a minor be appropriate. Likewise, adults do the same. I will stop responding if you cross a line, so keep such things in mind. But for everybody reading this, I hope you have a great day regardless!

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