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02/09/2024 10:30 AM 

My opinion on body image in today’s society
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  drained

God here I go again going on a rant, After the last time about school now about this. 

It’s such a big issue in this world, everyone is so obsessed with a perfect body being skinny, not a lot of people can accept the body type of chubby or fat people or in-between.It’s such a horrible thing this world has come too, and I hope you all can agree, at some point in our lives we have felt fat no matter what the circumstances are.

Everyone has made to feel ugly fat or disgusting, by teens, parents, colleagues, bosses, school mates.It’s such a horrible feeling to feel like you always need to keep up with today’s society and its standards.

Same goes for clothing and how we present ourselves, we feel so judged by others actions and words, everything contributes to having a bad mental health. 

Why can’t we go back to when It was okay to wear whatever you wanted, when you could be yourself, back to when judging people was never a thing when we accepted people for who they were.Well that was ages ago and if we had to go back that far we might as well see dinosaurs ahah  ( jokes )

I know it’s all a part of our brain and there is a huge thing about it ( I’m not going into it)Sometimes people should just accept how people are it doesn’t take rocket science 

Love yourself and for what and who you are everyone is amazing in their own way



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