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February 20th, 2024

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Gender: Female
Age: 18
Sign: Pisces
Country: Canada

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June 21, 2020


11/30/2023 04:39 PM 

bloggg 0_o
Current mood:  bummed

hii !!! i nvr post on this blog at ALL sooo i thought i might make a post on here bcz like why not it is nice 2 let the internet pplz in on my life & stuff
soooo im sal
ima 17 yr old girl
& i  everything girly
i also luv my cat gerard
sublime is my #1 fav 4 lyfffff
& i also rly like crossword puzzles
& drug store magazines 2 keep me caught up :P
im not rly on the net suuuper often cuz i kinda j like 2 play the sims 2 over social media
but i do rly luv this site & feel as though id have a lot more fun online if i were more engaged on here 
i also luv making friends !!!!


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Jan 15th 2024 - 10:09 AM

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i literally love this sm

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