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Death Positive Resources
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The Order of the Good Death -

"We create a wide variety of content that strives to meet people wherever they are on their death positive journey.

From provocative articles that challenge the ways we think about death, to inspiring and informative social media content, to the resources you need to get your death plans in order, you’ll find it at The Order."

r/DeathPositive -

"Welcome to r/DeathPositive, a place to feel no shame in indulging your interest in the history of death, how different cultures handle death, working in death and death-related industries, and your own (ever-changing) relationship to mortality."

Ask A Mortician -

"Funeral Industry Reformer. Green Death Advocate. Morbid History Club."

Death Positive Ash -

TalkDeath -

"TalkDeath’s mission is to encourage positive and constructive conversations around #death and #dying. From #greenburials and #homefunerals, #mementomori art, history, funeral law, and #griefresources, #TalkDeath is the hub for a changing death-conscious public. TalkDeath is the reincarnation of the Keeper blog that was founded in 2013."



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