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January 28th, 2023

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Gender: Female

Age: 117
Country: United States

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December 22, 2022


01/21/2023 09:14 PM 

Current mood:  angsty

Sooooo I wanna start blogging my life cuz... Why not- XD But I DOUBT I'll actually remember 2 be consistent with this XD 
I wanna start blogs 4 two reasons: ONEEEE I'm lonely- XD TWOOOOO I feel like I don't post enough 2 SM and I feel like this would be a gr8 way 2... Do that more- XDD

Either waaaaaaaay :P Let's just get into it cuz I can't think of anymore of an introduction! XDD

2day was boooooooooring 7_7
Nothing intewesting rlly happened 2day :0 EXCEEEPT 4 the fact that my brother bought me a Monster Energy, insert choir here! XD I haven't had one in a while so it feels nice 2 drink it again XD Idk when 2 drink it though... I think I'll have it 2nite since I plan on staying up a bit 4 something...

Weeeeeell XDD I'm making a bit of a gift 4 a friendo :3 I'm making an entire f***ing Toyhouse page 4 her favorite OC of hers >:3c (Don't tell her! O.o) It's taking... A long time cuz my dumbass chose a big ass CSS layout XDD But, it'll be worth it 2 hear her reaction XD I have 2 draw so much sh*t 4 it though T.T Gettin ready 4 what might be an all-nighter @[email protected]


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