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01/08/2023 08:45 PM 

A few ways to customize ur outfits!
Category: Art

1. TIE DYE!!!! Get an old white shirt and tie dye it :D u can easily find sum cheap tie dye :)

Here’s sum I found on Amazon only $8 *BUT please try seeing if there’s a place near you that’s not problematic to buy from and also doesn't harm animals or anyone and is cheap*


2. Make patches! You could make sum for ur favorite bands or you could make them based on a saying like eat the Rich feed the poor :)

3. Making accessories can make ur outfit look SO kewl x3 I have a chain I made out of beads! (Ur choice of color) take about 20 beads and but them in string then tie it then you’ll make another and tie it to the one u just made! Repeat until it’s as long as u want :)

4. CRUST PANTS!!! I luv these sm! They’re basically pants covered in patches and stuff :) usually it has similar patches as #2 but crust pants patches r usually homemade while battle jackets are often bought *both have homemade patches usually just crust pants are mainly JUST homemade but sum r bought too*FA6-CC483-D061-4-E30-B97-C-B46-FE48-A6-EE3

5. Cut up some panty hose! I did this and I was able to make some fingerless gloves! 

6. Iron on transfer paper! Usually only no more than $10 and you can copy an image onto the paper then iron it onto a shirt! You can make ur own band merch XD 

7. Kandi! It’s looks so cute when u finish no matter if it’s a cup or a single :)


Hopefully u enjoyed!


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