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December 4th, 2022

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October 01, 2021


10/01/2022 03:23 PM 

Teh official guide 2 murder!

 It is HEAVILY reccommended that u either
1. Change ur clothes after follwing this guide, or
2. Do this while naked n take a shower afterwards.
I would prefer 2 do 2 but ur more vulnerable while naked, soooo-. I also recommend wearing leather gloves either way, bcuz u dont want any handprints on their corpse, do u!

Uh-Oh! An impious, iniquitous or perverse evildoer stronger than you is threatening to kill you with violence! 

When an impious, iniquitous or perverse malefactor is stronger than you approaching and threatening, then you will do the following strategic attitude: Avoid staring at them, look away from their eyes. When they are done threatening you then they will turn away from you because they need to walk back to where they left their car. Take distance from them, suddenly run toward their back. The effect of inertia on your body mass accelerating (running) triples your weight and consequently affects the impact of your aerial kick against the middle of his or her back. This inertia effect serves to receive gravitational, potential and elastic inertial force for the collision (impact of the air kick delivered) to overcome the resistance to imbalance force. Deliver this well-placed aerial kick, above their center of gravity, well above back height, hitting between their shoulders. The aerial kick will knock him or her down as they fall face or forehead to the ground. Their face or forehead should bleed profusely. And taking advantage of the fact that he or she barely understood the fall and damage (injury) that happened to them. Then sprint towards their head and deliver a kick to their throat (trachea). The kick will cause a lot of bleeding from the esophagus and his or her broken trachea. He or she They will spew a lot of blood from the mouth. They are drowning in their own blood then you finish killing them so as not to let them live. Heel stomp right into their windpipe (Throat), sinking your foot in so that the crushed windpipe touches their cervical vertebrae. There, you've just killed another wicked malefactor..



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