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September 24th, 2021

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Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 15
Country: United States

Signup Date:
April 12, 2020


07/31/2021 11:59 PM 

Sending blog posts from a plane terminal (Wish I wasn't here)
Current mood:  drained

Current song: Peach (Lobotomy) by Waterparks

My best dreams are always nightmares to outsiders.
I backed out of the honeymoonphase in a week and Idon'tknow if I can do this.

My phone broke on vacation and I still can'ttexthim. I'm writing my thoughts in purple ink in my sketchbook (and typing them up back home hours l8r, time posted is when typed, Ididn'tcheck when I was actively thoughtdumping). Also I almost got carsick from our uber to the NYC airport xP I got new CDs, a couple plushies, a poster, looseleaf tea, piano sheet, and a metro card. We saw a drag queen at stonewall. The Nintendo store was cool, there was a master sword in a case for Skyward Sword HD.

Texting someone every day is as exhausting as walking uptown from Bowery, can'twejust meet in person and enjoyeachother'scompany?

I miss how people talk in Georgia.
I miss Waffle House and cicadas at night.

Helikesguns, not in a weird way, we wanna hang out and shoot revolversandbowandarrows.
I'm used to dating girls.

I wanna play Mario Kart and Project Diva.


Words are too hard, readmymind and learn that Ican'tdothis.

I listened to yourfavoritealbum, did you listen to mine? (it'snotthatlong. YouPromised.)

Maturity is for losers, butthat'sjust my episode talking.

Summer jobs and hidinginthebackroom. I could have kissedyou. I bityou instead.

Jailbreak a decade old device and only textandcall. Play old game systems.
I want to be a hermit but I'd miss my red-green-blue pixel friends.
Falloffthegrid. Writing on page 3 of my unlined thought dump.

"Iloveyou"s said tooearly. I know wordsforlove in more languages than anythingelse, but Ilied in all of them (Ithink).

Telecaster B-Boy, oh givemeallyourlove, trying to trick me with fake "Iloveyou"s (the original is Japanese, iloveyou is in Chinese though.).
I've devolved to vocaloid references, signingoffnow.

Idon'twant to be tricking him, Ididn'tthink I was when I said it.

English is the only language with one "Iloveyou", so whenisit forreal?

Goodbye NYC, you were f***ing awesome.
No airplane pics, I was too scared to take the window seat.


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