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June 14th, 2021

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Gender: Other
Status: In a relationship
Age: 115
Country: United States

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April 30, 2020


06/10/2021 05:11 PM 

stolen from lee latex X_X



1. Are you more Scene or Emo?  ehh ig more emo

2. Were you ever into Never Shout Never? heard some of their songs , was never really that into them tho

3. Fringes or Coontails? both! working on the fringe on my wig and i kinda wanna add coontails

4. Bright and colourful hair, or dark black hair? dark black hair , maybe add some strands of bright colors 

5. Gloomy bear or Hello Kitty? HELLOOO KITTAYYY , gloomy bear is cool doe

6. How often do you shop at a HotTopic? everytime i go to the mall really , which is rarely. but its really the only store at the mall i can find accsessories that suit me

7. How many band posters do you have up? none </3 planning on getting some 

8. Have you watched Invader Zim? If so, who’s your favourite character? no :(( i kinda wanna start watching it 

9. Opinion on Gerard Way? hes very handsome

10. Waffles or Tacos? WAAAAAAAFFFFLEZZz 

11. Have you played Gaia? yes , but rarely

12. Dear Maria or Check Yes Juliet? dearrr mariiaaa counttt meee innn

13. Do you drink Monster? nope 

14. Have you had a scene phase before? in one , just need the look

15. Do you make Kandi? yess 

16. Do you wear a lot of Kandi? nope , i used to wear A BUNCH! but now i dont wear too much , just a few bracelets 

17. Do you have a Blingee account? And/or make Blingees? noo , it wont let me make an acc :(

18. Are you a furry? If so, what’s your fursona like? no , i used to be one tho. my fursona was a fox

19. Do you listen to BVB, AA, or BMTH? i listen to both AA and BMTH , but im listening to more AA. never rlly got into BVB 

20. Do you have Funko Pops? yess , i used to have a super cute rainbow dash one but i lost it. i dont know where much of my funko pops are now actually :(

21. Do you watch Anime? i used to watch it a lot , only rarely now 

22. Do you play Animal Jam? noo not anymore  


24. Are you Lol Xd Randum?? ofcofc

25. Opinion on Nyan Cat? beautiful and legendary




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