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June 12th, 2021

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June 08, 2021


06/08/2021 04:57 PM 

SONG OF THE DAY - No Debiste Asustarme
Category: Art
Current mood:  happy

So yEAAAHHH i finally understand how to put music on my profile and im so happy hahah i think i would change the song depending on which is my favorite of the day and this would be a music blog C:
SOooOo for the first day I will choose  No debiste asustarme by El ultimo sueño
This band is from Spain and was formed in 1981. They are consisted by Felipe Palomo, Juan Carlos Palomo (they are brothers ;O) and Jose Enrique Siguero.
Their music consists in a mix of genres of that decade, it is mostly post-punk and New Wave and goth. 
I really like this band becuase even though their music is mostly sinister, they know how to mix different sounds like funk and disco and still being able to have that goth sound and create awesome music, it feels refreshing C;

If you have any request about a band you want me to talk about you can hmu C:::::
I hope that you have a good time reading this and have a great time C: 
thank you emo Animated Picture Codes and Downloads #112401146,635384820 |


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Posted on Jun 10th 2021 - 12:14 AM

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