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06/08/2021 01:19 AM 

5 types of neocities users that i DESPISE!!!!!! *death*

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hello everyone, and by everyone i mean the -1 people that are going to read this!

so if you don't know, there is this glorious universe called neocities.org, where i spend at least 90% of my interwebz time. it lets you make your own site and is similar to the fallen soldier of the 90s, geocities. you get the point. i've met so many kickass people through neocities and its generally super fuggin fun! but of course, with every good thing, there's about 729363 bad ones... which is why we can't have good things AT ALL!!! here are the TOP 5 TYPES of neocitizaaans that i truly and utterly despise!!!!

the sol piss copycats
"crash, stop talking about sol piss. we GET IT, you hate her." correct-o, but shut up lemme talk about things that piss me off IN PEACE, gawd. i made a post on here a few days ago where i talk about sol piss and people that copy her, so i won't bother talking about that again, but if you don't know who she is, i suggest just taking my word for it instead of looking her up and contracting various brain diseases: she is a delusional bitch who, well, *nae nae'd* herself in 2019, and she was "obsessed" with columbine. she also stole my spotify playlists, so i will always be bitter about the fact that she existed at one point. but besides that, i genuinely think that she never even bothered actually researching any tc case, she just joined because she thought that a few of the shooters were cute or something... i don't know. she doesn't strike me as someone whose personality was real at all. sol piss stole her interests and personality from many different people and especially eric and dylan. AAANYways, i'm getting off track. ever since she nae nae'd, there's these equally delusional motherf***ers who think she's some godlike figure and basically copy an ALREADY COPIED ASS PERSONALITY (a.k.a., sol piss). sol had a website on there, bleh, and so these theiveing little gremlins copy it word for word, and make it out to be that their journals and thoughts are almost identical to hers, yet they never explicitly say it!!!! if you're gonna copy from someone, make it someone WORTHY. everything is indeed a copy of a copy of a copy, but make the inspiration worthwhile, ya CUNT BAGZ. 

ah yes, these next people are what i like to dub "pseudo-depressos", because these individuals create their website with the UTMOST EDGE and FAKE DEEPNESS. yes, i too am arguably an edgelord. i mean HELL - look at my goddamn fp profile!!! but that's not at all what i mean. there's a difference between this, and THAT. hm, how do i begin to explain it... basically, they present themselves in such a way, that they try to make everyone believe that they've gone through aaalll this turmoil and alllll this trauma in life, and that they supposedly feel these deep spiritual connections to the undead (but the way they convey it is so obviously fake and CORNY). popular thoughts among these people include things like: "ive felt this energy ever since i was a little girl. i was destined for this. i was born to kill myself" and these are most likely another type of sol piss copy cat as well. the other variety of pseudo-depressos are the ones who overcomplicate their language in their journals/thoughts to try and seem poetic or smart, but its SOOO OBVIOUSLY NOT HOW THEY ACTUALLY TALK OR TYPE. for example, something like: "the earth's lovecraftian renaissance-esque hold on me is one of great lineage, the fear consumes my very being. i am reduced to a concoction of immobilizing pain and a cesspool of angelic hellishness." i don't know what the f*** i just wrote... i threw in the most random words and i don't know what half of them mean. BUT THAT'S WHAT THEY DO. its just stupid sh*t like that, stuff that you can find on 2016 tumblr and the aforementioned bitch's website. stuff that 14 year olds just EAT RIGHT UP! no offense if you're 14 by the way, its just these people that give you guys a bad rep. no hard feelings.

one specific user that i shall refrain from mentioning
gawd. his name is [redacted] and he thinks he's dating the ghost of eric harris. do i even need to say more? if you're in the tcc, then chances are that you know exactly who i'm talking about. i've had multiple interactions with this person on other sites. one of the WORST people i've ever interacted with!!! and i've interacted with literal incels. it says something when INCELS are better to talk to than you.... but good news! i think he left social media for good this time, so THREE FUGGIN CHEERS, M'LADS. 

people who publicly talk about wanting to commit crimes
if you have homicidal thoughts and you wanna do *insert whatever crime*, good for you but that's not the point. its when you AIR ALL THAT SH*T OUT ONLINE!!!! and then complain when people call you out or you get caught and face consequences. literally the dumbest sh*t in the entire world. if you do that, then you're basically setting yourself up for whatever comes your way. people are unfortunately bound to snitch, but saying all that on public platforms makes you an easy target for the snitches. *cough* sadgirl *cough*. if you don't know who that is, that's another sol p- i don't even wanna say her name again, i've said it like 17493 times in this singular post. YOU GET THE GIST!!!

people who copy ME
i can't believe there's actually mothaf***az out there who take my fuggin ideas. like, my site is cool and epic, i agree, but GAWD just try and be original because its annyong as sh*t when i click on someone's profile to check out their site and its literally taken from mine. it'll be really specifc things too that aren't common. this one person did this a few months ago literally RIGHT AFTER i changed my homepage. AT LEAST WAIT TILL ITS NOT AS BRAND NEW.

gawdddd i guess thats it for now. 
may add more if i think of anything else i wanna say, but if you read thorough all of that, then congrats!! you win absolutely nothing!!! but thank you for reading aaand goodbye. 


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