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February 11th, 2021

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January 16, 2021


01/16/2021 03:53 PM 

Current mood:  tired

hi everyone. so i will most likely be keeping a pretty frequent blog because i do enjoy writing :). so i'm claire i am obsessed with sanrio and anime. i think my favorite anime would be a tie between death note and naruto. at the moment though, i'm still watching so many other animes! my favorite sanrio character would have to be cinnamon roll, she's just so cute. i do love manga, killing stalking and bj alex are my top, i've read them soo many times. my favorite regular tv show is svu, i like criminal minds but svu is more realistic to how the justice system works. i'm interested in true crime as well, i wanted to become a fbi agent but i am not strong enough for the physical part at all. i am in school to become an accountant, i'm not sure if it's really what i want but... idk. this is just an introduction of me, i don't feel comfortable posting my face on here quite yet or my last name but maybe one day! that's all for today! make sure to stay safe and take care of yourself ♥


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