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07/12/2019 04:08 PM 

My family is really...odd sometimes 0_o

So this is just me feeling the need to tell people about some dumb sh*t in my life. I got an invitation to my aunt and uncles' 50th anniversary party, which sounds normal and fun until I read it and saw that theyve only been married for 35 years. Still great, but why not just. . . say that?
Because. . . snowflakes, or something I guess. I think itll be easier to explain if I just post what they actually wrote.
"I told [her] that I wanted to celebrate our 50th anniversary and thought that I was straight up crazy. In this day and age when people can self-determine their race, ethnic heritage, sexual gender, and age then I propose that we can declare whatever anniversary we want. So, we will be marking 35 years and we want you all to feel welcome to come."
If by "self-determine" they mean "feel unafraid to question yourself and explore and not feel the need to hide who you are", then sure, people do that, and that's hardly a bad thing. Also what is a "sexual gender"? On top of that, none of those are things that you can decide, and only one of those is something you can have much of a struggle figuring out so. . .what are you talking about?????
Really though this is just such a strange thing to do. You can just say that youre happy to have been married for 35 years. That's still an accomplishment and something to celebrate. Wait until you actually reach 50 years to celebrate that instead of using what's supposed to be a happy occasion to make fun of people you don't like. 
I guess I shouldn't be super surprised. These are the people who threw a fit at my parents over my hair color and whose daughter's wedding I couldn't go to because "no nonmormons in temple". But Im definitely disappointed because these guys have a bunch of kids of multiple races, and one with a pretty significant disability. It's just kind of weird to send people something like this when there are people from minority groups in your own immediate family. Also makes me wonder what they'd do if one of their kids came out as LGBT sometime in the future.
Sorry to basically just write a huge essay but this is just really strange. Plus I have a family reunion tomorrow where they will almost certainly show up. Probably going to pretend I never got this invite and definitely not going to that party.


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