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01/15/2021 09:06 PM 

Scenecore Revival Bands/Artists to Check Out
Current mood:  happy

Scenecore Revival Bands/Artists to Check Out1: takeoffyourpants! takeoffyourpants! is a six peice metalcore/post-hardcore/electronicore band that brings back the fun and energetic side of metalcore, amd brings back those myspace vibezzz! They are very new and underground, so go support them! My Digital Escape 3.0-takeoffyourpants!   2: Shipwreck Standard Shipwreck Standard is another electronicore band that brings back the sound of 2010s metalcore bands such as Woe Is Me, I See Stars, Drop Dead Gorgeous, and Sleeping With Sirens. Their latest single since their first album in 2018, titled "Ronacore" is a comedic metalcore track that blends post hardcore, deathcore, and screamo in a beautiful way. Ronacore-Shipwreck Standard   3: Punkinloveee Do you like The Medic Droid? Do you like Scotty Vanity? Do you like 100 gecs? Punkinloveee brings back all that myspace pop energy with a unique modern twist that is honestly super addicting. She pretty much makes myspace pop mixed 100 gecs and some S3RL influences, and it sounds f***ing amazing Crucifix on me-Punkinloveee   4. Wristmeetrazor Wristmeetrazor is a skramz/screamo/metalcore band that started in 2017. If you enjoy 90s post hardcore/skramz, then you will definitely love this band(hehe dat rhymed). Wristmeetrazor manages to make scramz so different and unique that it almost sounds lile a completely dufferent genre, especially in the track XOXO. In XOXO the bamd combines black metal screams with metalcore amd classic skramz guitar, and it all comes together so well. XOXO-Wristmeetrazor   5: If I Die First Probably my favorote entry on this list, If I Die First is a screamo band that formed in 2019 that released one of the greatest albums this year BY FAR, which is the My Poison Arms EP. This band combines metalcore and that 20005 post hardcore sound brought by early Saosin, Thursday, and early AFI, with an emo enwrgetoc twist that makes you wanna jump around yet cry at the same time. If I Die First was started by emo rapper Lil Lotus, who is one of the lead singers and does the screaming for the band. [Is It Me or Your Secrets That Keep You Up at Night-If I Die First|]   6: H3artcrush H3artcrush combines elements of myspace pop, breakcore, glitch, S3RL, and 8-bit, which all makes for something extremely unique and a sound that would have garnered thousands of plays on myspace everyday. Freshman Boyfriend-H3artcrush


01/15/2021 08:02 PM 

Current mood:  hyper

POG? [email protected]


01/14/2021 09:46 PM 

Current mood:  nostalgic

Te he extrañado mucho estos días, y no puedo decirtelo por las puas de mi corazón, jamás llegarás a saber lo mucho que te extraño y añoro pasar el tiempo contigo, recuerdo tus bromas y la forma de jugar. Eres muy frío pero ambos nos divertiamos hasta el cansancio, extraño cuando me decias "amorcito" o cuando me decias "tonta" de forma cariñosa, extraño tus palabras lindas ocultas de los demás, extraño el como siempre podías hacerme reír y como me sentía bien contigo. 


01/14/2021 09:35 PM 

nothing much
Current mood:  calm

new to this not that mad about my profile but yea.


01/14/2021 09:33 PM 

Current mood:  cantankerous

idk how to use this but heyyyyy


01/14/2021 08:27 PM 




01/14/2021 07:49 AM 

Uhm idk my first blog
Current mood:  tired

I JUST WROTE AN ENTIRE BLOG BUT NOW ITS ALL DELETED ARRRRRGH >:(((okay.. English is not my first language so please correct me if i make any mistakes. I will try to blog every satur- to sunday ( even though i have no friends that view my blog lmao). okay its currently 1:49 AM, so goodnight yall ;)Loanth


01/14/2021 07:27 PM 

k43li we LUV u
Current mood:  adored




01/14/2021 05:36 PM 

Current mood:  cheerful

MYSPACE IS BACKKKK(kind of..)This is closest we are gonna get to our glory days 90s/2000s babies, lets live it up!!!


01/14/2021 05:26 PM 

been a while
Current mood:  bored

i forgot about this account lol. i havent logged in since i think december? sorry for not being active :/ i kinda fell off the face of the internet for a while but im back :D


01/14/2021 04:23 PM 

Stranger, Friend, Brother
Current mood:  contemplative

Stranger oh stranger, come & be my brother. Off to war we go. Friend oh my friend, let's train, sweat & bleed. Off to war we go. Brother oh my brother. Got my back? I got yours. Off to war we go. Brother oh my brother! Cover me & I'll kill for you.  Off to war we went.  Brother oh my brother! Follow me & I'll die for you. Off to war we went.  Brother oh my brother, Don't leave me here alive! Off to war we went.  Brother, oh my brother, where are you now? Will I see you soon? In war you died.  Brother, oh my brother, I don't want to live without you. From war some returned. Brothers, oh my brothers, are you together where ever you are?  From war some returned. Brothers, my brothers. I miss you. From war... some returned.  Raeki, Whitcomb, Alamo, Soltero, Hall, Jackson, Dixon, Hagert, Hairston, Arsenault, Moore... Oh brothers our brothers.


01/14/2021 01:40 PM 

Vengeful Ghosts
Current mood:  miserable

From the patrol base we go, lock and load.young warriors are led by the old.In the dark of night ready for a fight we move brave and bold.The sun begins to rise and with it comes dangers.The waking enemy can see the intruders,we unwelcomed strangers. The streets were clear and we could hear nothing more than the wind.Our feet shifted over dirt and stones walking into a fight about to begin. We were near a graveyard with simple stones and flying death-flags.Wading through desert plants while our pockets on thorns did snag.It began with a boom and morning tracers flying over head.And now we kneel behind gravestones fighting for our lives above the dead. We traded rounds a rocket was fired and many of the stones fell.Disrespecting their rest and doing our best to defeat this flash of hell.Reloading now with my knee upon the bed of the dead.We did not think about the price now on our heads.No bounty placed by mere men but by those vengeaful ghosts.Something must have followed me back and made my efforts it’s host.As things fall apart now and nothing works out, it’s strange for me to ponder...of the battle over graves on which we had wandered. Angry dead, go in peace no trespass was meant.But with this request it seems unheard and the dead hell-bent.


01/14/2021 01:33 PM 

Heartbreaking Premonitions
Current mood:  sad

I was never a prophet, people just have a way...They have a way of wandering into the things I say. I wish I could be wrong but most keep proving me right...Now you cry about friends and I wonder why we ever fight...  Yeah behind our sight it all just goes 20s.It’s all unfolding now, coulda bet me some money...  I thought I’d laugh when you said that I was right...But darling seeing you in pain makes me hurt all night.  People twist and turn, wanna watch you burn and I gave a lot of warning...You defended em all, got real mad, and told me to leave by the morning... I can sit in the woods laughing while sad...I can burn a lot in the fire but none of the memories we’ve had... I wish I could save you but the ship would pull me under too...I’m waiting alone on sandy shores hoping to see you. Those depths are dark and they will swallow you whole...I was there before you pulled me out. Didn’t you know?...You were there when I came out of the undertow. Please swim my darling the current ain’t half as bad...not as bad as thinking about the things we could have instead of had...  If you ever let me the hand is always waiting...I wear the ring and yours is on my car keys dangling...  Don’t sink, don’t give me room to be right...I hope the world is showing you this never had to be a fight...  I thought I’d laugh but your crying hurts to the bone...If we said till death do us part, Why are we both so painfully alone.


01/14/2021 01:29 PM 

Stayed Too Long
Current mood:  betrayed

Some stay too long, the ones that hurt most when they go.The ones who are gone before you know. If I tell you my dreams, my goals, and what will be...its because I wanted you to think before ever saying you love me. I told you my problems, the things to expect, there were no surprises, you committed and yet...Here I am, alone with a cigarette far too short, too short to burn and not think of the sort. The sort who say “I’ll love you forever, always, and never leave.”Then stomp out your heart the one you let dangle on your sleeve.  If you thought I was hard to love then you should consider this.With every betrayal the less you are missed The less vulnerable I’ll be, the less filled with glee...the last light in this world, the son you gave to me Some people stay too long, the ones that hurt most when they’ve betrayed.I broke a few promises but you broke the first you ever made.   If you don’t belong don’t be long


01/14/2021 01:23 PM 

Raging Stars
Current mood:  contemplative

(Raging stars.)I remember sandstorms and sun...I remember when it was life or death to run.I can still smell the burning and blood...I can still smell the smoke of the gun.I can see the tracers flying raging stars race’n across the sky!I can hear the voices of those about to love for them was larger than life. Oh and I still feel the sand in my eyes!...the blazing sun and sorrow that cuts like knives.I can laugh because I see young men’s smiles...I kept on livin but they been gone for a while... Still got the boots that walked so many miles!...they dressed my feet for all the pain and trials... I can still shed me some tears...and to them boys I’ve offered a thousand beers! ... alone at night out where nobody hears.We sure saw a lot and I never wanna forget... all that mud, blood and sweat.Those times that shoulda had a guitar... seeing tracers fly like raging stars!If yuh asked me to do it again...I’d try once more to bring back some friends... Some died at home away from the fight...I love em still whether they done wrong or right. When I lay my head down at night...I’m still smoking smokes trying with all my remember every name that ain’t here... Tell me boys, have you got’n any of my beers? The best and worst hangs heavy on our hearts and’s burnt behind our eyes...when remembering tracers like raging stars across the sky.

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