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Bruce the Alien

12/13/2014 01:52 PM 

Whispers Birthday Party 2014
Current mood:  amused

.*.Justice For Daniel Wood.*.

12/11/2014 08:15 PM 

whats your theme song?

Take the quiz: "What's your theme song?"Sweet Home AlabamaHello, southern pride! Be proud to be from the south, because the rest of us down here can't stand it.

.*.Justice For Daniel Wood.*.

12/11/2014 08:01 PM 

what disney princess are you?

Take the quiz: "What Disney Princess Are You?"ArielYou can swim, flip, dive and be one with fish...WHY DO YOU WANT MORE?


12/04/2014 03:05 PM 

Countdown Timer on Message Page

We have added a countdown timer on the Message page to help members who write long messages. You can ignore the timer if you write short messages. This was done because the server only allows a maximum session time of 60 minutes. 60 minutes is not new. All pages on the website have always had this session limit. It is not something specific to the message page either. This is a server setting that has been in affect from the beginning.  We do not want anyone to lose the message that they are writing, if the session times out.


11/20/2014 06:50 PM 

New Message System

We are switching to a new message system. [UPDATE: We are now using the new system.] The original email system was flawed from the very beginning. At first we were unaware of how serious the issues were. Over the past 4 years we spent countless hours shoring up the system for our members. On the front-end, most users didn't notice any problems, but on the back-end we were painfully aware of the unresolved technical issues which could not be fixed, without a fresh start. With that realization we knew that a new message system was needed. We understand that members are very attached to their old messages. Because of the original email system flaws, these messages can't be migrated nor can they continue to be indefinitely hosted. Currently everyone has access to their old emails until we figure out what can be done with them. It is our hope to continue to provide a reliable and fun environment for everyone to share and make friends.


11/21/2014 06:45 PM 

Managing Email Notifications

You can en/disable email notifications in your Account Settings.

Bruce the Alien

11/14/2014 05:41 PM 

Catmans Birthday Party

* RaWr.It's.j‚ĉkŪƸ;

11/03/2014 10:17 PM 

Dieting Blog 2014.
Current mood:  okay

Blog for: 11/2/14Hey everyone. I decided to keep track of how much I eat, and exercise out of the week, so I'll be updating this a lot. I'm also going to record how Iv'e been feeling on this subject. So lately, I noticed my weight has gotten worse, and again I'm trying to do something about it. Yesterday, I baked chicken & had baby spinach for lunch then went for a walk until my feet started blistering. (Thank goodness from my love because I was able to get soles from wal-mart, so this doesn't happen anymore. I did fine throughout the day like I usually do when i'm at home, But as it got later, My cravings really hit me and all I wanted was to buy into them and eat. I ended up snacking on a few of those mini tamales, and oreo's,  but I thought well, I can't completely just quit cold turkey because I will end up losing my mind if I don't have something lol.  I'm also on this habit with eating late, and going to the drive through cause' I get lazy sometimes and don't want to cook healthier meals like I should be.  Now that I'm thinking about it, gosh that just means I'm spending a lot of money a week on fast food by itself, and consuming in so many calories. I never shoot for subway or the casino's salads that much anymore and If I do want to treat myself once a week then I should be making smarter decisions. I really think I have a fast food addiction. Now that I drive, I have more access to do it.But I'm going to try and be strong, and not give in. I never thought myself as a "Big" person. I have always been somewhat skinny, and that's the way I want to look for the rest of my life. Don't get me wrong, I love food and I don't want to deprive myself; But at the same time I want to be healthy. As a child, we grew up eating whatever we wanted and I have many fond memories of getting McDonald's kids meals ever so often. So overtime, I guess Iv'e developed a really bad eating habit which obviously I still suffer from today.. Blog for: 1/3/14:Good morning, it's currently 9:32 AM. My feet are still sore from walking yesterday and blistered so I'll have to wait until that heals a bit, But I feel good & I had a multi grain bar for breakfast this morning. 


06/22/2014 01:06 PM 

Group Categories - Changed

We have replaced the old category names in the†Groups section with new ones. †Group owners will want to change the category for their Group(s). † All Groups have been reset to the "Other" category.We believe this will be better than the old default category names we were using, from the beginning.Thank you everyone for understanding and being flexible.Contact†Support† if you have any questions.


05/25/2014 11:19 PM 

E-Mail Delivery Issue

We are aware that email being sent to Microsoft hosted email accounts (hotmail, msn, live, etc) are not being delivered. We have escalated a request to Microsoft to get this resolved. In the meantime, new accounts should consider using Gmail or Yahoo, etc. so that you can get your email verified and move forward with using your new account. Your patience is appreciated. We temporarily disabled the notification emails while we work to resolve this issue.UPDATE: 5/31/14 - We have enabled the notification emails. Contact Support if you have any questions.


05/29/2014 11:56 PM 



Janice Frisch

11/29/2013 12:02 PM 

I'm on MTV now!!!! TRE COOL!!!

hey everybody! I'm a MTV Dance Hiphop music Producer ! WooooHoooo! Janice Frisch new music, concerts, photos, and official news updates directly from Janice Frisch's Twitter and Facebook.


11/23/2013 09:12 PM 

If I Share My Love with You
Current mood:  accomplished

If I share my love with you what will you share with me? Your heart or your soul do you feel what I see A warm kiss deep and passionate to touch my soul I share with you a kiss what will you unfold Your silence isn't evidence it need to be told Will you speak upon your feelings or do I have to lose control I give you my soul will I have yours to hold....   I give all that I am for you to keep in your heart Could you do the same or will you split it apart Cherish what we have is all that I do Is what we have the same for you Trust, Love, and Loyalty in you I believe Will you follow your heart or just leave....   Faith in our love so strongly I have Do you have that faith or do you laugh Impossible to think that we are not one Think there is so many things that is not done Incomplete is our life together, don't you feel it All the passion that was shared don't you remember it....   Believe in us as I have done time and time again Could you do that so I'll love will win All that I remember is the smile on your face That's all it took for my heart to race So all that I ask is one question for you to see If I share my love what will you share with me....


10/27/2013 04:04 PM 

Current mood:  lazy

oh i have a blog.hello!


10/03/2013 02:55 PM 


Seeing what this will do.

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