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03/11/2023 10:27 PM 




03/11/2023 05:17 PM 





03/11/2023 08:21 PM 

fabian's weekly 1
Current mood:  thoughtful

Hiya,Im fabian and I wanted to use this as kind of a diary. I'll do weekly posts about my life becuase my therapist (the voice in my head) told me it could help me with my depression. I tend to forget what happened all week long, like its already march, what happened all year. I apologize in advance for my not so perfect english, its not my main language afterall but I feel more comfortable with it. This first post will be a bit longer than the rest because its the first one and I need to explain some stuff.Anyway lets start with my week. Im trying to remember what happened but I cant think of anything interesting, every day has just kinda been the same. I have a pretty messed up sleep schedule because my best friend, my soulmate, lives in america so I spend most of my afternoons asleep. As soon as I come home from school I fall dead asleep until the evening (Not like anyone would want to do anything in the afternoon anyway), and then I wait until we can call. I love him sm. School has been somewhat terrible this week, I just wanna go home when im there. Most interesting thing that happened is a toxic girl who I was friends with from August to November tried to become friends with me again. I'm trying to ignore it as best as I can because she just used me but oh well.Thats all for this week lads, I hope I wont forget next week but yeah until then byee-fabian


03/10/2023 06:06 PM 

Current mood:  fabulous




03/10/2023 03:18 PM 

Current mood:  drunk

feeling silly


03/09/2023 04:41 PM 

Current mood:  blah

so bored... 

Mikey Ꮚ^ꈊ^Ꮚ

03/08/2023 06:37 PM 

Tumblr OC ask game, but FP blog survey :D

This survey is by a-crumb-of-whump on tumblr! It's the Flower OC Asks, and I'm going to do it with my ocs. I may leave some blank but I'll leave them in in case you want to do it yourself!I'm going to be doing this for Tchaly (she/her), Halika (he/him), Pataki (he/him), Leitur (she/her), Omiika (she/her), and Petrus (he/him). If you want to know more about them, just ask!!Basic info that's kind of important: Tchaly, Halika, Leitur, and Omiika are in a poly-ish relationship, Halika and Leitur are mostly involved with each other, same with Tchaly and Omiika, but Halika and Omiika aren't involved w each other bc Omiika is a lesbian and Halika respects that. Pataki and Petrus are married to each other and have 2 daughters.1. What name(s) were you originally thinking of calling your OC?only one I remember is Petrus was originally Peiter >_<2. What is your OC’s favourite form of self-care?Tchaly: physical, likes working out and meal prepHalika: emotional, likes to play music and writePataki: social, likes catching up with friends and familyLeitur: mental and emotional, likes making art and readingOmiika: spiritualPetrus: emotional and physical, paints and tries to exercise when he can3. Does your OC have a comfort item? If so, what is it?Tchaly: a red turtle neck and a toucan stuffed animal from OmiikaHalika: hoodiesPataki: doesn't have oneLeitur: Halika's hoodies, peac*ck themed stuff from HalikaOmiika: her spiritual itemsPetrus: a golden retreiver stuffed animal that his daughter got him (his service dog Molly is a golden)4. What is your OC’s biggest fear?Tchaly: not being a good partnerHalika: oooh's a lot. He's had a horrible life and is afraid it'll get that bad againPataki: something happening to his familyLeitur: losing her mom or HalikaOmiika: being annoying/not being likedPetrus: same as Pataki5. What is your OC’s most used phrase?idk6. What inspired you to create your OC?I wanted to make homestuck troll ocs. so i made homestuck troll ocs.7. What is your OC’s love language?Tchaly: quality timeHalika: acts of service (performing act for others)Pataki: quality timeLeitur: acts of service (performing acts for others)Omiika: words of affirmationPetrus: physical touch8. How is your OC around strangers?Tchaly: standoff-ish but doesn't mindHalika: veeeery nervousPataki: good, loves meeting new peopleLeitur: same as PatakiOmiika: same as Tchaly but does mindPetrus: quiet but doesn't mind9. Do a voice claim for your OCthese might be outdated but theyre what i have on hand atmTchaly: Garnet from SUHalika: Sean Bonnette (AJJ vocalist)Pataki: he's had a lot but i've never settled on oneLeitur: Entrapta from SPOPOmiika: 1981 Falsettos's Trina (idk her name)Petrus: Ethan/crankgameplays10. If you could say/do one thing to your OC, what would you say/do?not answering11. What colour are your OC’s eyes?Tchaly: brownHalika: greenPataki: brownLeitur: brownOmiika: hazelPetrus: hazel12. If your OC had a tumblr blog, what would their URL be?not answering bc idk13. Does your OC get overwhelmed easily?Tchaly: noHalika: YESPataki: noLeitur: noOmiika: depends on her moodPetrus: yes but it doesn't happen often14. Describe your OC in three words or lessTchaly: smug but caringHalika: traumatized but healingPataki: loud proud dadLeitur: outgoing, sociable artistOmiika: bitchy yet softPetrus: quiet, caring dad15. Is your OC likeable?Tchaly: kind ofHalika: lets just say hes the traumatized, sopping wet meow meow of my ocs. do w that what you willPataki: yesLeitur: yesOmiika: not reallyPetrus: yes16. When was the last time your OC cried?Tchaly: when Halika came homeHalika: last nightmare or panic attack (has both often)Pataki: when his adopted daughter told him how she feltLeitur: sometimes cries when Halika is upset but it's hard to sayOmiika: probably last time she got a moment alonePetrus: when his youngest said her first word17. Does your OC have any odd quirks/habits?tbh im not really sure how to answer this one18. How does your OC cope with loud noises?Tchaly: doesn't mindHalika: uses ear plugs in most placesPataki: doesn't usually mindLeitur: complains if it bothers her, but doesn't leave unless whoever she's with needs toOmiika: tries to calm down, leaves to the bathroom if she can'tPetrus: doesn't mind19. What is something your OC loves, and what is something they hate?Tchaly: cooking, doing dishesHalika: music, being alonePataki: family, being aloneLeitur: Tchaly's cooking, not getting a good showerOmiika: partners, her sisterPetrus: his mom, needing to switch between mobility aids while he's out20. Use one or more photos that encapsulates your OC’s clothing style.no21. Does your OC have a skill they’d like to learn? What is stopping them?not sure, may answer this later lol


03/07/2023 05:38 PM 

Lil rant
Current mood:  ditzy

Lowkey i dont feel very appreciatived by my friends sometimes cause like theyll go out of theyre way to say we never want to hang out but were always talikign about hanging out and they they go out of they way to make plans with their other friends liek ??? DId you not just say you wanted to hang out with us? how do you end up making plans the same day with other ppl when we want to make plans


03/07/2023 01:15 PM 

Favorite games:ALL TIME!!
Current mood:  amused

Im pretty big into gaming mainly single player rpgs, open worls etc. So i thought it would be fun to put down my favorite games in a list Blasphemous- this is an indie side scroll hack and slash with a super interesting story and beautiful art. I played it 2 years ago and I still consider it dear to my heart. 10/10 Omori- Rpg adventure "horror"  it doesnt really scare me there are scarier horror rpgsmaker esc out there(Ib,Mad father, stray cat crossing) but the story telling is very compeling and deals with the theme of grief and deppresion on an amazing level. 8/10 Yakuza 0/kiwami(those are the ones ive played so far)- rpg beat em up action game. While platign this game i got to experiece the fun mini games and  characters that really set this series apart from others like it. The story and graphics of the remake of yakuza  and kiwami are engaging exciting and heartwrenching. Im very excited to contiue playing the games especially yakuza ishin. 10/10 Ill update this as I play more games and finish ones Ive started.

games, video games, rates, Omori, Blasphemous, Yakuza


03/06/2023 11:23 PM 

SICK /(x~x)\
Current mood:  sick


♱ ˚₊ ‧ 。𝔯𝔢𝔦 。‧₊˚♱

03/06/2023 09:21 PM 

Current mood:  accomplished

since i went to school my brain realized it needs to get its sh*t together and i got 2 assignments done :ptoday when i went to school it was really weird because they had to build walls to block off the areas that were damaged and are getting worked on. trying to get to me classes was like going through a mf i ate a decent breakfast, decent lunch and decent supper so thats kind of a W. i also had snacks heheanyway, thats about allxoxo, gossip girl           

friends, alternative, canada, numetal, emo, bored, goth, e, blog, y2k, death note, hangry,

EL !!

03/06/2023 07:09 PM 

our intro!!

hi!!! im el (yea i got caught im not the host sry) but i decided to do the honors of introducing our system!!!-maddy, host, she/her, 15- el, me, she/her, also 15-therese, sexual protector, she/they, ageless-miles, protector, he/him, 16-love, little, she/her, 2-4 (age slider) -sixteen, trauma holder, she/her, ages 10-14 (unkown) -jet, chaos creator/certified dumbass/awsten knights literal cat but she can talk n sh*t-lily, system mom tbh, she/her or she/they, 32 um im pretty sure thats everyone 4 now XD


03/06/2023 05:44 PM 

This bitch
Current mood:  peeved

Bruhhhhhh. So, remember that girl that stole my favorite sweats? I finally got them back. It's been, like, over a week and I literally had to knock on her door and go inside her house to get them. When she gave them to me, she was all, "Oh, also I got some paint on them but it's fine it'll come out. Come look at my makeuppppp!" It's FINE??? G O R L. BFFR. What a bitch. I'm pretty sure she thinks we're still friends, but she f***ed with my sweats, so, absolutely gonna blow her off every time she begs to come over and play on her phone and not talk to me cause her mom works from home. So, fork you, girl. Bouta go make a diss track on this bish what the hell.On the bright side, I got some really cute lingere at goodwill todayyy and I got to sit with my boyfriend at lunch on the couch in the library! ((((((((((: I like him so much. Also, I got to wear my platforms and it's really nice outside. I'm also not super mad anymore cause I like blogging.I'm editing this for the third time because I don't like that it ended on such a light note, so I've decided I'm still mad.



03/06/2023 03:34 PM 

To-Y ⛧☾༺♰༻☽⛧
Current mood:  contemplative

Just finished watching To-Y and like the art is good and character designs are solid but it was so boring and the voice acting was bad the manga is alot better.

manga, anime, punk, goth


03/06/2023 01:15 PM 

Current mood:  headphones

Közi - Promenade

vkei, goth, music, obscure

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