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01/14/2022 06:37 AM 

: 3
Current mood:  sleepy

hey guys sorry i haven't been on here a lot but i had gotten snake bites 


01/13/2022 09:53 PM 

it's oh so quiet.

sometimes writing feels like the only thing i have. i know that's not true but it helps.. even if it feels like it doesn't. you haven't seen me since my october recap, man so much has happened. health issues, mental issues, financial issues, you name it. the words aren't flowing out as easily as they used to. that's what happens when you hold your feelings back for so long. i know someday i'll be okay, and i'll look back on these times and thank the universe i made it through. but it's so hard. and it hurts. a lot. more days and nights than i'd like to admit. i feel weak and pathetic. i'm just so tired guys. it scares me - what's in my head sometimes. the worst part is that i'm living for others now, and like i said i know this dread is going to go away one day because it's happened before and i've gotten out of it but it always ends up coming back stronger in a different way. i guess it never truly goes away, just gets easier to manage. tonight is bad guys it's so bad. and i don't care about not censoring sh*t anymore. i want it to go away. i need my friends i need my mom to care like she used to i need chai. they don't know how bad it really is and i feel like it'll be too late once they do. anyway, i hope tomorrow will be a better day. i can only try from here, right? peace.

surprise it got bad again, bjork reference, depression, anxiety, help, i miss loving people


01/13/2022 11:39 PM 

literraly nobody reads these
Current mood:  weird

the fact that nobody i know doesnt have idea that this site exists makes me feel more comfy igthe thing is, i just decided which career i will study, but i will have to move to another city and of course another university, but it scares me so much, like, i dont even know how to move around my own city. but i really want to do it, whatever it takes. ⸜( ⌓̈ )⸝


01/13/2022 11:25 PM 

DND more like DNI lmao

ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god ok so ive been trying to learn the basics of dnd for the last 2 days because i want to do a campaign w some friends but hoooly sh*t there is so much ughhhh like its not even like im getting overwhelmed its just annoying. wtf is a spell slot i just want to create a hot fish!!! f*** off!!!! n e ways. obsessed w blingee cat gifs rn. like look at thiscool righti get so emotional when i see even slightly sad cat videos i start feelijng ill but then again alot of things make me feel ill lately LOL my body is f***ed up is SO many ways.


01/13/2022 10:52 PM 

Current mood:  sick

So, a couple of days ago I tested positive for covid X<


01/13/2022 08:05 PM 

Current mood:  happy

Wahhhhh hi! I'm new to FriendProject, my name is Evan, I'm 14, please check out my profile and don't hesitate to friend me! (I'm nice and rarely bite dw ^^) sooooo yeah! I'm excited to meet people!

hello, new user,


01/13/2022 06:42 PM 

Lil week update
Current mood:  unhappy

Yesterday my counselor bought me deodarant and a lil mini travel kit and white socks. I do feel like she went a tiny bit overboard than I expected because all I asked was that "If the school had deodarant", but then they hadn't so then she offered to bring me one. She is so nice, I feel like I don't deserve all this kindness because all my life were always negative. Now I feel bad that I ditched her today for our weekly check up meeting. I didn't feel like talking about my feelings today. WHY THE HELL WAS MY DAD AT THE LIBRARY TODAY! After basketball practice as over at 5:00pm I decided to go to the library to ckeck out more mystery/thriller books. I checked out 4 btw. And when I was registering, my dad was there waiting in line?! I don't understand why dad was there because he is definetly not the type to read. So why was he there? If I had to guess it was that he was probably there to use their computer for some sh*t. It was really weird, I was startled and a little scared when I saw him standing there pretending that I didn't exist and I was some random stranger walking by. He hates me. I thought I was doomed when I walked out the library but when I came home I didn't care that he saw me at the library. So what? I was checking out books in a library. He is still not home and I hope he doesn't come back until 11:50 like he did the other day he left. Im so happy looking at my grades in Aespen. I have 3 A's and rest of them are B's. I really can't fool around now because the end of the semester is in 2 weeks (January 27th). These are the grades that college admissions will be looking at. I also want to be able to be in this "Schular Scholar Program." I figured that would look good in my resumes for college, and if your accepted there is a 10 day camping trip they have. Which I would really love because I get to be away from them for 10 days.

☾ Melody ☽

01/13/2022 01:02 PM 

My New Art!
Current mood:  artistic

I Drew A New Picture! Share Your Drawings If You Want!


01/13/2022 12:46 PM 


I just found out that someone new that I'm talking to is also a lesbian. I've also may have a slight crush on them so I'm excited to see where it will go. Though I'm not going to get my homes high. Then be disappointed. 


01/13/2022 08:49 PM 

ai think eyem sick
Current mood:  anxious

ai forgot ai had werk yesterdai and now ai think eyem sick... ai have pain in mah body and a sore throat... stayen home 4 2dai but ai guess taht meens ai kan ~-<KuST0MiZ3>-~ mah profyle moar XD


01/13/2022 03:18 PM 


i thought i was over them...


01/12/2022 07:31 PM 

Bye-Not me getting my layout from myspace stolen???
Current mood:  confused

Ummm so,i clicked on the layout page for Friends project and i saw one particular layout that looks oddly similar to one i made on myspace a few months ago. Im not sure, but it looks like the person who uploaded this onto FP copied my code from Myspace and didn't even give me credit :(((  I tried sending them a Friend request since yesterday but they didnt accept it yet. The layout they uploaded has the same hello kitty cursor as my myspace layout and everything :( Im super disappointed.



01/12/2022 07:03 PM 

Skywalker Star Wars Series is Done time to go back to the EARLY SITHS AND FIRST JEDIS!

Skywalker Series is Done Zuckuss and 4Lom in Darth Nihilius Darth Naga sadow marr dar Revan dark malek Revan then he becomes Makelk Darth bane his female apprientance kills him why Tayra takes on Nihilius...later why....Darth Malgus Darth Plagius mllenia gravid guile jedis or siths??? The Skywalker Series is OVER TIME TO START WITH MORE STAR WARS PAST NON Animated.   Skywalker Series is Done Zuckuss and 4Lom in Darth Nihilius Darth Naga sadow marr dar Revan dark malek Revan then he becomes Makelk Darth bane his female apprientance kills him why Tayra takes on Nihilius...later why....Darth Malgus Darth Plagius mllenia gravid guile jedis or siths???


01/12/2022 03:40 PM 

Current mood:  hyper


01/12/2022 03:42 PM 


I've started taking Zoloft and I'm only talking a small amount. I can tell though that it's making my mental health way better and that I can live a whole lot happier. I know that if get counseling that it could improve even more. Also that I can have the life I dream of. 

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