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May 16th, 2019

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July 24, 2018


01/07/2019 04:54 PM 

Introducing Me
Category: Blogging
Current mood:  happy

Hello, world! My name is Cassie. I don't very often give out my last name, 1. because I enjoy my privacy, and 2. well, I have my father's last name, and it's normally really difficult to always have to explain to people that, NO, I DO NOT know any other people I may be related to with that last name because I've never MET anyone on my father's side of the family, nor have  I really ever seen my father. 

Anyway, so Cassidilla was  my nickname when I was growing up, so I figured it would be kind of funny  to use it as a nickname on social media. And it actually isn't pronounced like Quesadilla (key-suh-dee-uh). It's like (cas-suh-dil-la). Just sort of wanted to clear that up a bit!
Well, now since you have the full story of my name, I guess I'll share some facts about myself with you! Which should be interesting. It always seems like we know so much about ourselves, except for when we ACTUALLY have to tell people about ourselves. Someone asks what your hobbies are, and then suddenly you're like, "Who the hell am  I??" 
~Anything horror related is literally my favorite. Horror movies, creepypasta, scary videos, ghost hunting, scary tv shows, whatever, you name it! I love stuff that'll scare the hell out of normal people, but I do not like gore. I can watch stuff that would make a normal person probably piss their pants, but I CANNOT handle blood and torture and stuff and like that. It really messes me up and makes me queasy. 
~I think growing up with Bratz dolls really shaped who I am today, considering  the fact that makeup and fashion are literally my life right now. I'm more into makeup than fashion though, it's just, if you're going to have absolutely amazing makeup, you have to have absolutely amazing clothes to go with it! You feel me? Anyway, so my entire plan was to have this huge makeup YouTube channel and Instagram or whatever, but I'm kind of taking my time with my real life right now before I actually try to get too involved into social media. 
~Video games are also another one of my passions. I literally grew up  with a bunch of boys, so how was I not supposed to be involved in video games? I think I will forever miss the days of the playing the Nintendo 64, and I also miss my GameCube... or our Playstation.. or anything, really. Now, you can catch me on the PS4, which I actually have a huge dislike for. I mainly use it for Fortnite, or like, streaming Netflix, sadly. But the Xbox One, I play all sorts of stuff, like Ark, State of Decay 2, Skyrim, Left 4 Dead, and all kinds of crap. On the PC, I just play League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Amnesia, because to me it's still fun, and Neverwinter. So. Yeah. 
~I dress all emo and goth and stuff sometimes, but honestly, my favorite color is pink. Literally no one ever believes me when I say it, but I SWEAR, it doesn't matter that I wear all black all the time, okay, it's still my favorite color. xD Pink and black, baby! 
~I actually take a huge interest in witchcraft, which a lot of people think is creepy, but it's honestly an amazing and whole new world! I mean, I've never practiced anything, but I have been studying a lot of it. To me, it's just fun to learn about all that kind of crap. 
~I also take interest in learning about different religions. It's so fascinating to learn about what other people worship, and stuff like that. I took a World Religions class a little while ago, and it literally blew my mind. The way the world and all its cultures work is so amazing. 
~I'm a nature FREAK. If I literally see that someone has littered the woods where I go on walks, or even ditches by the road, I'll get a bag and clean that sh*t up. Recycle, ya'll!!!! What're you gonna do when you have kids and you can't even take them swimming because the water is too toxic and dangerous??? 
~I have a legitimate fear of stuff underwater. Like, if I can't see through water or anything, I freak the hell out. I won't go in it. What's under there? I think it all seriously started when I was younger, and every time we'd swim in the pond, my cousin's would be like, "Oh, there's like this giant ass turtle that's gonna grab your legs and drag you under and kill you." Like,  oh my gosh, thank you for telling me that!!! And I guess that just scarred me for life. xD 

I can't really think of much else, honestly. I feel like I've gone too far and too weird now haha. But, I hope maybe you've gotten a good understanding of who I am and stuff now!!! Maybe you can tell me a little bit about yourself, too?? xD 


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