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09/10/2018 11:47 PM 

Ray Of Sunshine - Poem by Brandon Immel
Category: Poems

Taco dreams,
Ringing from the bell.
Gots me smiling- like it's sunbeams.
We could be legendary, like William Tell!

Speaking with your grace.
Me being nervous, trying to hold my sentences to be structured.
Stunned by your beautiful face.
My heart flutters, like a butterfly that you captured.

Tidying the car.
Watching your hair blow in the wind.
Helping you, is always answered with "sure".
Hoping I'm in her right mind.

Your smile and words,
Ring so true.
It's like turning to the birds.
Growing wings, now I can fly.
Hoping to not lose you, like Waterloo.

Life is the best gift.
Giving me the chance to always wish and hope for the best.
This life gives me a lift.
Just hoping for you to be with me, for the rest.


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