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06/09/2018 07:40 PM 

My first participation ever in Pride
Category: Real Life
Current mood:  happy

I participated in the Pride parade here in Bergen today (well, technically yesterday seeing as I'm writing this blog post past midnight) and I am so glad I went! I thought about going last year but I probably felt too nervous and scared to do it and I also wasn't sure of where, when and how and so on. But this year I decided I wasn't gonna disappoint myself so I went to the dock here in Bergen where the parade started, in good time before the parade started, which was 2 hours away. I joined a group of participants from the Waldof Steiner School who were lining up to walk in the parade and joining them felt just right, seeing as I have been a student at that school in the past. 

Walking in the parade felt like I was being part of something amazing and beautiful, something bigger than myself. I and thousands of others walked to celebrate equal love and acceptance for everyone and it almost felt like a mix of Norway's Constitution Day celebration (which is May 17th) and outdoor Ibiza at the same time lol! Everyone was happy and just having a good time and there was love all around! :)

Later the parade ended at Festplassen, a square in the city center of Bergen, where tents and a stage was put up this week and the whole facility went under the name Pride Park. I bought quite a few beers, bought some warm and cold food, danced a lot, talked to other partygoers and later went home with very sore feet, but happy to have taken part and experienced this amazing day! I'm definitely participating in Pride next year too and who knows - maybe I'll walk in the parade with a girlfriend or boyfriend by my side? Only time will tell...


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