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April 27th, 2018

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April 11, 2018


04/12/2018 11:30 PM 

Back to blog town

I have not blogged since the downfall of Myspace & Live Journal. I guess this first blog is just a little thing to get started. 

I have recently been playing the Kingdom hearts 1.5 remix to prepare for the kingdom hearts 3 release. I am very impressed with the update in graphics in the remix. It is also preparing me for the new game release. Because it has been so many years since the first and second games I will admit I do not have super high expectations for the third game. 
There are three things I would like to see in Kingdom Hearts 3:

1. High end graphics on par with current gaming standards, but not to the point where it loses its cartoon charm.
2. Obviously they will add new Disney worlds, but I would like to see new final fantasy characters since there have been more releases in those games. 
3. I would like to see more equipment for our side character heroes. There are always a lot of keyblades to choose from, but I have always felt like Donald & Goofy do not get enough weapons gear to choose from. 


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