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10/09/2019 03:22 AM 

Idk xD
Current mood:  tired

Hii Sooo, i just made an account hereIm really bad at programming so my profile looks awful, but thats fine, it suits my personality i guess xDAnyways, its almost 3.30 am so i should probably go to sleep haha, just wanted to post something cx


10/08/2019 02:51 PM 

Current mood:  headphones

im not really good at coding but i know a lil bit so these kind of websites are always alot of fun for me i dont know what people usually do here so im not sure what i should post??but im looking for friends IF YOU SEE A FRIEND REQUEST FROM ME DONT BE SCARED!!!

scene emo friends


10/08/2019 01:45 PM 

boo owo
Current mood:  happy

It's so cuuuuuuuute aaaaaaaaaaa


10/08/2019 08:46 PM 


whoever said heterosexuality was the natural state of things is wrong. proof is the very awkward ballroom dance class i just had where everyone was told to partner up with whoever after the very bad attempt of getting the guys to ask people to dance and a whooping three(3) out of 15 couples formed were str8

Ryan !!!

10/08/2019 03:01 AM 

small mcr musing + just don’t wanna sleep
Current mood:  contemplative

man i just wanna talk abt demolition lovers!! idk if it’s an underrated song but,, it’s definitely one of my fav mcr songs ever? there’s much emotion in it? the beginning guitar is just so haunting and calming at the same time.. how it all builds up!!! it’s just.ahhh such a good song,, ‘all we are is bullets, i mean this’ is said in such a (again) haunting yet beautiful way......i don’t know, maybe it’s just me being more emo than usual, i just think it’s such a nice song, and all the lyrics r also so so good ;; other than that, i just really don’t wanna sleep.. i gotta get up at like, 7, but obv that never happens loli usually sleep in till 10 (when my class starts,, oops) but whateverrrrrrecently i’ve come to the conclusion that us teenagers (or maybe just me) r pretty stupid and dumb.but like.not in a way that we aren’t smart..just like.we r just funky little creatures.......u know? all we do is listen to music and rebel against people and think about band members and get high sometimes.....just living our best lives!!!!i guess that’s it for my 3am delusions hope ur sleeping -r


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