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Joshua Norwood

08/11/2019 09:32 PM 

Judgemental a**holes
Current mood:  annoyed

Lol I get called a "dumbass" for liking Nikki Minaj and her music, it really shows how irrational some human beings are.Liking someone who does music you like = dumbass, apparently.Why can't people actually accept other people for their tastes in music and stop attacking others for liking certain people or celebrities. They wouldn't like it if I insulted them over liking certain celebrities.If you do what that person does, you're an a**hole. Leave people to like whatever celebrity or music they want.

comments, youtube, nikki minaj, music


08/11/2019 06:16 PM 

Current mood:  drained

should be asleep but i went ham on editing my profile to high hell instead can i get a 🇫

i'm tired boys


08/11/2019 01:28 AM 

Current mood:  chill

hi im clove!! i do not know what to post here!!! 8ut i am new and excited to 8e here!!!i draw!!! i make icons and mood8oards sometimes!! im a femme les8ian so i rlly like making outfits!!! i am also in case you couldnt tell A Homestuck. i literally just type Like This. physically i can type out of quirk. emotionally? imagine the toil. i like.... 8lue!! reddish pinks!! warmth!! tr333333s. mushrooms!!! forests....  video games where it doesnt matter that i suck at video games!! uh!! GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!!!i do NOT like.... men...... the cold... 8ig open areas... people 8eing mean... and CHALK. i have Sensory Issues.i have a cat her name is pepita shes a calico and loves it when i hold her like a 8a8y her favorite artist for me to sing to her is sea ol33na and she sl33ps in my closet or on my leg this isnt really integral to my personality HOWEVER i love my cat and you will too this is essential inform8ioni have 833n a scene kid since... well, technically since i was 10/11? then i forgot scene things existed somehow and didnt remem8er until a8out last year!!! my scenecore side8log on tum8lr is xx-checkeredneptune-xx if ya wanna check it out ^_^my music taste is esoteric and 8AD!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like more scene-y music 8ut i do not know what is and is not made 8y cr33ps >_> 8ut i do like vocaloid and nightcore in general so i am valid i guessuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh gay rights i dont know what else to put here i read all of homestuck in like 2 w33ks give me clout i love you and i dont know what to post here 8ut!!! 333333 hello!


08/11/2019 11:56 PM 


honestly ngl nightcore slapped especially the cool duet ones and i'm still mad i let people ruin it for me bc it goes hard


08/11/2019 01:40 PM 


August 11, 2019   Well, it was actually the 10th but as I'm typing this it's the 11th. We were there until about 11:00, so it's really late.   I went to Columbus with Kat, her parents, her brother, and his girlfriend, to go swimming. I had a great time, and I had a lot of fun. It was especially cool because it was late so it was dark out. This has been the most eventful summer in a while, and it's pretty much only that way because of Kat and her family. If only I could swim more before the summer is's pretty enjoyable. 

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