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Ranandos VP

09/10/2011 06: PM 

Train signup shit

131714 - Photos - 800 - Pr00f Street Team Two? Three?

Becca Anne

08/29/2011 07: PM 

Fake friends

Aint it funny when someone who is suppose to be your friend ignores you, replaces you, ditches you for other people, tell you that they're going to there dads for the whole weekend but goes to hangout with someone, tell you have they don't take there boyfriend they will take you but took someone else. Im always there for her but when it comes to me tells me that im obsessed. Well I'm sorry I freakin love him.

Kayla Rene

08/29/2011 01: AM 

Add my Facebook accounts? my personal

Facebook, accounts, site modeling


08/28/2011 10: PM 

Whore/Promotion Train

So I have decided I'm going to start doing a whoring/promotion train. This is how it's going to work.This requires, CLICKING THESE LINKS And Bulletin/Journal Promotion.For one week on the train promoted to 3.6k+ friendsYou must click both of those links ONCE,and promote me once in Bulletin/Journal, WITH PROOF (Post below)For two weeks on the train,You must click both of those links ONCE,Promote me three times in Bulletin/Journal WITH PROOF (Post below)You can also get unlimited amount of days if you sign up for this one ( and actually become an active user, not just sign up and not do anything with it. Once you sign up, message me with your Username (It tells me when I've referred someone, I'll just need to know your Username to know enough to keep you on there as a Unlimited user)These websites allow me to make money that all goes towards my bills, that's why I'm doing this! :) It'll help me, and other's on the site.Just fill out this below - Do you have me added as a friend? - _______ (If you don't, add me)Proof of bulletin/journal proof(s) -Did you click both links? -Did you sign up? -^^ If not, that's okay. If you did, message me your Username on Clicksia, and make sure you used the link i provided if you are going to sign up, so you were referred by me 


08/28/2011 09: PM 

Whore code.

<center><a href=""><img src=""></a><br><a href="">Credit for photo edit/code.</a>If you want me to whore you back please send me you're proof! (:

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