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Selena Gomez

07/25/2011 11: PM 

To All My Amazing Fans

I have this moment every once in a while when I just cry & read things from my fans.. Cause every once in a while it just hits me, That my fans are my entire life & Words will NEVER be able to explain what each & every one of you mean to me.. Everything I do, I do with you all in mind. You've shaped me into what I am today, It's obvious I would not be here without you all so I try everyday to make you proud that you got me to this point in my life. So when you're sitting there thinking "She doesn't even know I exist" or "I'm invisible to her, She'll never notice me" just remember.. I see each & every one of you, How true & pure the love in your hearts is.. I see how beautiful you are... It's what makes me shine.<3 Love always, Sel THANK YOU. :)

Selena Gomez

07/25/2011 09: PM 

Clearing some thing's up.

There have been a few posers I've seen claiming I was born in New York the answer is NO.! I was born in Grand Prairie Texas. my character Alex Russo on the disney channel was born in New York along with her "brothers". I have no siblings in real life even though my cousins and I are so close we're like brother & sisters. There's one poser in particular claiming that I'm the fake, sweetie I have proof I'm real plus I'm only 19(as of the 22nd of this month Lol) not 40 something like your page says. if you're a fan great that's awesome just don't pretend to be someone or something your not it's just wrong & misleading. I don't like the fact that you're leading my fans onto thinking that you're me because your not so please just stop, thank you.God Bless!Sel

Kidd Eeryt [the Music Producer]!!!

07/23/2011 12: PM 


hit me up for the number new phone (;

Dennis ( DJ B.p.m. )

07/22/2011 02: PM 

New Tracks

My new Speedcore and Hardcore - Techno Tracks will be coming...:-)

Techno,Hardcore techno,speedcore techno,


07/22/2011 12: AM 

Current mood:  adored

Well, I guess I'm going to write a little bit about why I'm here cause I have nothing else to do.

babbling, anything, about me, information, teenage years, stuff

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