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07/10/2017 11:41 PM 

Current mood:  annoyed

I swear to god, my life could be a soap opera. It's great, but I could live without the drama. Get over it bitch, Tyler is with me now. You are irrelivant. You can try all u want to break us up, but hes with me. You can't seriously beilive that a 10 will stay with a 2. He needs a real women like me. That's why he's with me we feed off each other.


06/22/2017 02:52 PM 

Current mood:  calm

Hello!Thanks for adding me.I like reading, music, anime, manga, k drama, j drama, video games, online games, cooking, animals.


05/03/2017 11:32 PM 

Current mood:  blah

I used to love writing stories, whether it's fan fictions, teen fictions or fantasy but now I think I'll stick with blogging for a bit. I used to have best friends who were good at writing too; I compared my work and theirs all the time. It didn't really stop me from writing but one day, we had disagreements and it went to its worst. I stopped writing. I hated one of them and she was a good writer so I ended up hating the arts of writing. Months later, I thought it was childish to hate something your enemy is good at, but I loved writing, so I gave it another chance. And here I am writing a blog not much of a story but I like to write about it. Yeah, I bet someone'll read this. Yep! I'll just leave now. It's getting awkward.

writing, blogging, so weird, i dont know what i am saying


05/02/2017 01:40 PM 

Thoughts 1
Current mood:  crazy

Imagine getting hit by a baseball bat to the face.I woke up with my face planted on the floor. Apparently, i fell off the bed."What a nice way to wake up." I thought to myself. My head hurt because I fell off the bed and hit the floor. I didn't want to walk out of my room yet so i went back to bed. I suddenly regretted it because I couldn't go back to sleep because my thoughts were running inside my mind.Guess what i was thinking about? well.. My ex. *nervous laughter*Okay, so.. a bunch of you people out there might think that I'm too young or whatever but shoot me for getting myself involved in those teen love sh*t. I am 15 after all. Why was i thinking of my ex again? oh yeah.. because I took him seriously and in the end he just doesn't 'love' me anymore because there were no 'sparks'. LOVE ISN'T ALL ABOUT THE SPARKS! DUMBASS! Welp! I'm ranting. I best be out of here before I say something regretful.Peace Out! (Is2g that's weird but the site looks like a 2000's site so I MUST ADD THE 2000's FEEl.)

teen love, i dont know what i am saying, bed, thoughts, diary, humor, i need friends


04/15/2017 06:39 PM 

What to do when you hate your job?
Current mood:  anxious

Boss is a d*ck, demands longer and longer hours which he doesn't pay you for.Control freak, micromanaging f***tard who screams at you and makes you miserable.I know I should quit, but what if I wind up in something worse?That's the fear that holds me back.

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