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03/22/2013 07:31 PM 

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03/19/2013 03:01 PM 

Current mood:  productive

like john lennon the great beatle one sang imane there no heaven or hell no posseions no war i bet you kids couldn't survivie all the bs technolghy you all have, 


03/17/2013 06:34 PM 

waz up
Current mood:  blah

waz up people im back on dis friend project(on and off anyway) but i'll be on dis thang as much as i can. just sayn whats up and that i been miss'n yall to da fullest.


03/17/2013 01:11 PM 

Current mood:  adored

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Poetry & Poems


03/17/2013 01:08 PM 

Eternal Love
Current mood:  adored

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Eternal Love

I Love you always my eternal lover,
For life is for us never over.
As our love is our only attraction,
Inferno is our passion,
As days burns into nights,
Warming our love with fired delights.
As each year is one less tear,
With death not to fear.
As our love alures us together,
For our timeless love has been weathered.
With erotic life style as our fantasy,
As each century brings us closer in ecstasy.
As we walk these foreign lands,
Looking at their beautiful charms with grace.
For immortality is our race.
As we hold each close in our hands.
While the universe runs ever so chaotic,
The human race becomes more angelic.
As they reach for the stars,
I have found mine within your eyes.
As your love has made me wise,
With passionate tender scars.
As we are the seeds of the rose to be,
As the human soul will become free.
But our love will still be there,
Even in the last twlight of the sun.
For we will be still playing in lovers fun,
Chasing each passionately everywhere.
Until the stars falls from the skies,
With no more tears in these eyes.
For our love is eternal,
Us who are lovers immortal.
For when darkness comes,
I will still say I Love You.

By winged warrior aka mark strange
April 28,2010

Poetry & Poems

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