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08/11/2011 03: PM 

hey everybody
Current mood:  adored

hey everybody, i'm Fred ... add me .... lets be friends ...

Nicole Marie

08/09/2011 05: PM 

my proof (shitty at 3 a.m. ;))




08/08/2011 10: PM 


If I've posted a bulletin or status message about w4w, you should know the drill, just message or comment me, but if I haven't, and you want too, post a journal/bulletin with my code, then post the proof of it on here, and I'll get back to you when i see it.
No limits | No rules.
If you want proof, ask me, I'll gladly give it to you.

The Melancholy Spacemen

08/06/2011 09: PM 

flamenco arabe....gipsy200
Current mood:  adored


08/04/2011 04: PM 

Stereotypes (An original poem by me)
Current mood:  adored

In school, at home, in public
We travel, we work, we breathe
Once we are seen, we are seen
And after that?
We linger in the thoughts of the many people
Our names, our faces, us.
We turn into complete lifeless human beings
While you're caught up in your own little world of thoughts
Thinking of all the nasty things you could call me
"Emo", "Nerd", "Geek"
Is this really our world?
Because whoever created it would not be please.
I know I'm not..

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