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08/02/2012 02:23 PM 

Like my Layout? :D

I made it myself! If you want a layout just message me. I can do backgrounds, contact tables, text changes, hide codes, etc.

As I ask of you is:
-Keep my credit on there. Even if you change it a little bit, keep it on there. It will be small, I promise.
-Ask politely.
-Tell me what you want, don't just say that you don't care.
-Tell me if you don't like something. I don't mind fixing something.
-Don't yell at me if I refuse to do something, or if I'm too busy at the moment. 

layout, maker, generator,

Laurie <3 lovebug <3

07/31/2012 10:21 PM 


to all my friends i thank you for being there for me...we may not talk all the time but i am glad to know who my true friends are


07/13/2012 02:01 PM 

Never Say Good-Bye
Current mood:  confused

Never in my mortal human life, did I ever think I would ever feel this vulnurablility for anyone, I swore to never love anyone. To fall into the child game of love nd affection, but then... You came into my life... You showed me the tender, sweet, warm loving side of life. As the days grew longer, we grew closer. But then came the day when u decided to leave my side... I was confused... why did you leave? nd without even a simple good-bye nd when i decided to go after you, so i wouldnt lose the best thing I ever had... You were unfairly taken away from me. I could no longer set my eyes on ur kinda face, ur sweet smile, feel the sensation ur chill giving touch or hear ur breathe taking voice when u would call my name... Eventhough u lay 6 feet under in a grave... I will never say good-bye, but a fair well for now, until we are reunited once again...


07/12/2012 11:01 PM 

what's up people
Current mood:  loved

Heavenly Huggable™ {Add me; 1k+!}

07/04/2012 09:42 PM 

A bad week turned into a lucky day!
Current mood:  blessed

I've had one crazy week. It started off pretty horrible, and is going up. I went on a long walk, but it didn't do me a great blessing. I got blisters on my feet! I know, ew. Plus me and my boyfriend of 3 years got into a big argument, and now we're just friends. He's done a few things against me. We're still best of friends though. Last night, he took me to see some fireworks and bought me a Snickers bar and some sour octopus gummies. Then some of my family came over today for a cook out with hot links, smoked sausages, steaks, mac & cheese, scalloped potatoes, baked beans, etc. It was delicious. My family is filled with awesome cooks! Today was partly bad. My account got deleted for a misunderstanding. However, I got the administrative account given to me as a gift by the original owner and now I have double the amount of friends I originally had! I'm sad I lost all my tons of picture comments, but at least I've made a few more friends! I'm honestly shocked and don't even know where to start. I really appreciate him for being so kind! Thank you so much! ;) I'm willing to have so many people sign up here and we're gonna try and work on the site together. I'm even going to start really site modeling. He's an amazing friend; I'm lucky to have met such a thoughtful person! I couldn't be more grateful. Now I'm just ready for tonight! I hope I get to pop some fireworks or watch some more; they're so beautiful. :) Have a great Independence Day everyone! Take care of yourselves and be careful!

shocked, grateful, fun, Independence Day, lucky, happy, cheery, cheerful, thankful, roller coaster, crazy

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