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07/28/2015 11:31 PM 

Current mood:  blah

how do you work this crap xD im new to this someone message me and help me? 

Cassie Cakes

07/28/2015 04:10 PM 

GET WET! (Question Thingy)
Current mood:  awake

Shallow:1. Favorite colorBright green.2. Height5'7"3. Eye colorHazel4. Hair colorNaturally, dark brown5. Age17! I turn 18 in a month!!:D6. Piercings?I don't have any, but I want some:(7. Tattoos?Same as piercings.8. Favorite animal/petI honestly don't have any favorites. I just love animals.9. Favorite scentFresh laundry/ Burning leaves/ Freshly cut grass10. What time is it?3:13 a.m.Wading:11. Favorite time of dayUhh... I really don't know.12.First petFat Cat. May he rest in peace!13. SiblingsAn older sister, Micah, and a younger brother, Jarred.14. First carA Ford Focus, and I hate that fucking thing.15. On a day like today you would...?Go hiking!:D16. The last book you readThe Fault in Our Stars. Don't judge me.17. The last text message you sent/received"What the hell is pool hopping?" from my friend Kimbra.18. Are you usually hot or coldI'm usually cold.19. Pick one thing to your left, what does it mean to youScentsy cubes! These are so important to me because they make my room smell soooooo good.20. Day or night and whyNight. I don't really know why.Knee Deep:21. When was the last time you told someone you loved them?Just the other day. I mean, it was to my mom, but still. 22. When was the last time someone told you they loved youMy mommy, yesterday! 23. Who is your best friend and how did you meetI have two though! Kimbra & Haylee! I met Haylee in fifth grade. Our teacher put us together for a project. Haylee kept staring at me and stuff while I was working, and then she said, "Dude, you have vampire eyes." And we've been best friends ever since. I've known OF Kimbra for awhile, but I actually met her when one of my old friends dated her brother.24. Would you rather...push your grandma down the stairs, or throw a box of puppies into a river? (Hardest decision ever.)25. Do you get sick oftenWhen I was younger, I never got sick. But recently, I've been getting sick all the time. It's high school, man. 26. Do you live alone or with other peopleI live with my mom and my brother, until I"m done with high school.27. When was the last time you saw your familyThe last time I saw my ENTIRE family was around Christmas last year.28. What do you want to achieve in the next yearGetting my choir to be discovered in this small town!29. Do you believe in true loveWell, I think maybe it does exist. 30. Have you ever been hurt by someone you thought cared about youI think everyone has, honestly.To the Waist:31. When was the last time you got hurtIt's actually kind of been awhile. I wanna say almost 6 months or so.32. Have you ever hurt yourselfYes.33. What was the last fight you had aboutThis prick was being all gross and saying very inappropriate things to me, so I told him I didn't want him talking to me until he learned how to talk to a woman. And then it started this huge argument. 34. Has anyone told you they hated youYes, of course.35. Have you seen anyone dieNo, and I probably wouldn't even be the same if I did. That's so sad.36. What would you tell your younger selfDon't take everything so seriously. Remember your family's always there. The friends that you thought were your true friends, are really not. So don't give them so much power over you. And, don't be afraid to be you and like certain things. You don't need to live how other people want you to.37. Would you skip the bad parts of your life to be successfulNo, the bad parts of my life shaped me into the person I am now, and I feel like I can be more successful by being the changed person I am now. 38. What do you want to do with the rest of your lifeI wanna help people through writing and songs. 39. Have you left behind/ were you left behind in a friendshipI've moved on from pretty of friendships. When you realize they weren't good friends, and they weren't good people for you to have around, you have to leave it behind, no matter how upset it makes you. 40. What is more important boyfriends or friendsI'm going to say friends. I mean, boyfriends are more likely to betray you than your friends. But who knows.Neck Deep:41. Who would you want to meet again in your lifeThe band director from Montclair State University! He was so freakin' awesome!42. Why did you choose your career pathBecause I was one of those people who had to get my own shit together, and I had to basically fix myself. I want to be able to be there for people, and show them that they aren't alone and that it does get better.43. What is something you regret from your pastI regret giving too many chances. 44. How much time is left at the end of your dayPlenty of time!45. What was your last dream aboutThe freakin' battle for Hogwarts! It was intense! 46. Have you ever hated someone and whyI normally don't hate anyone, but this one person. OMG. She's the only one I can say I hate, and it's only because she's so judgmental, and is altogether just an awful person, and I've given this person so many chances to be my friend, but it's just... no. I cannot be around someone that is that cruel.47. Talk about your favorite family memberMy aunt Holly is my favorite. She's so hardcore. She's in the army, and she's a total asshole, but she's a funny asshole. Like, she's my idol. She doesn't take crap from anyone. And my cousin Jobe. That's her son. He's just like his mom, but he dresses like a hipster. He's supposed to be getting deployed on my birthday. :/48. What is one thing you want to confessI honestly don't know, I don't really have many secrets.49. Have you ever tried to take away your problems instead of deal with themNo? If you just avoid them and act like they don't exist, they're still going to be there the next day. So might as well just get 'em over with. 50. Who would you save- yourself or a stranger?Honestly, if something terrible were going to happen, and I had the chance to save some random strangers life, I totally would. I know that I've lived a full 17 years so far, I don't know anything about them. Head Under Water:51. Have you been in loveYeah. And I hate admitting it. But it's whatever.52. Talk about someone in your life who has diedMy cousin Kayl. He was 15. I was in 4th grade. I'm about to be a senior, and his death still hits me pretty hard every now and then. I have a picture of him and my wallet. My brother told me that he couldn't even remember his voice the other day, and I started bawling. 53. Describe your first kiss.It was so awkward. I didn't even know what I was doing. 54. When was the last time you thought you were beautifulThe last time someone told me I was beautiful. Which was like, yesterday.55. Have you ever had to recover after somethingWell, I mean, my brother got sent away to military school one time, and I took that pretty badly. It took me awhile to recover from the emotional damage of having to be alone, and think about how awful my brother was being treated at the school. 56. What do you hate about men?I don't really hate anything about men in general. It's more like specific men. I hate the men who don't know how to respect a woman, and who think that everything they do is funny. 57. How do you fall asleepI just kinda lay there...and doze off?58. When was the last time you smiled and the last time you criedI smile like all the time. But the last time I cried was like yesterday because I had to talk about my dad and his new family. 59. Would you give up everything for your family?Well, I mean, of course I would. They're my family. Drowning:60. Ask your own questionDo you feel like answering all of these questions next? 

questionaire, get wet, questions, random, bored, idk


07/27/2015 03:55 PM 

hey everyone
Current mood:  confused

i'm new here.... i'm still trying to edit my profile so i will be done soon...bye 


08/21/2015 10:50 PM 

Current mood:  animated

Hello the old myspace!

hello, myspace


08/16/2015 10:27 PM 

Hello!! New here
Current mood:  blessed

Well I'm new here and I'll be doing a lot of how good and a lot of beauty things and maybe even some personal things. Feel free to message me. 


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