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08/11/2015 10:50 PM 

Hello again
Current mood:  bored

Hi everyone.... I'm writing on my phone and I just wanted to make a random post right now... Bye lol 


08/10/2015 08:53 PM 

My Lord And Savior
Current mood:  angsty

Hella Jesus

hella jesus

Cassie Cakes

08/06/2015 01:16 PM 

Faking Mental Illnesses?

Recently, I've actually been starting to come up with ideas for posts on my blog... and it's mainly because this is stuff that people keep repeatedly doing that get on my nerves oh-so-very much. Now, a big topic that I have yet to bring up, which has really, REALLY been bothering me for quite some time is faking a mental illness. It sounds sick, right? But people, and I mean MANY people do this kind of thing on a daily basis, and see nothing wrong with it. You see, I go to school with this one girl. I'm going to call her Mary. Sorry, I can't really think of any "unique" names right now, and I don't care too much for this person, so I'm not going to try and waste time thinking of another name. (Because I'm so rad. ;D) She just started going to my school last year, so I mean, technically she's still pretty new. I know, I'm just so awful because I'm "picking" on the new girl. But, no. It isn't anything like that. I am actually very nice, and every time a new person arrives at our school, I make sure that they always have people to sit with and people to talk to until they find their rightful place in our school. So, I did the same for her. It was when I really started to get to know her that I started to be able to NOT stand her. Everything about her was just downright awful. She would spread terrible rumors around about everyone, and she was so judgmental. I know sometimes I can make comments on people's outfits, or how someone is acting.. but nothing huge like the stuff she would say. And, I guess it's more because of the intentions she had for her rude comments, too, that made me dislike her. I never tried to say anything about or to someone just for the sole purpose of being mean to them... but that's the only reason she would do any of that; she just wanted to hurt their feelings and make them feel poorly about themselves. I CANNOT stand when people are purposely trying to make other people feel like sh*t. Anyway, I'll save more of my complaints about her for someting else, if I even bother wasting another post on anything about her. But, she had a problem where she would pretend that so many different things were wrong with her so she could get out of doing things, or sometimes she would just do it to get attention from other people. One time, she had gotten her phone taken away in class because she was texting. (Duh.) She raised absolute hell about it, and punched every single locker on her way down to the office. She told the lady in the office that she, "couldn't take her phone," because she has really bad anxiety and she'd start having attacks if she didn't give her the phone back... They kept her phone, of course, and told her that a parent would need to come pick up the phone after school. That's the rule for everyone, and they weren't making any exceptions for her. So, long story short, no anxiety attack happened. All she did was talk a bunch of crap about the people in the office the rest of the day (because her phone had been taken in the morning.) I just couldn't believe that she tried to say that she had anxiety, and that that's why they couldn't take her phone away. Just because she didn't want to put up with the punishment for her actions. Another time: she got in a fight with a boy in our class. She cussed him out because he called her out on using her phone in class, again, and, you know what the teacher did? Sent her to the office with a detention slip. And she, of course, told the teacher that she, "couldn't give her a detention." Wanna know why? Because her doctor "recently" diagnosed her with a bipolar disorder. She said, legally, the school cannot punish her for her "outbursts of rage" because she couldn't control them. Which she can, and I know she can, because I had hung out with her outside of school several times because she's friends with my old friend Evangeline. This really irritated me because my brother legitimately is bipolar, and he had gotten several punishments from the school for his behaviour still, and there she is, pulling that crap, just because she didn't want to sit a detention, again, for HER actions. You see, this kind of stuff gets on my nerves. You would NOT BELIEVE how angry this makes me. How people can fake serious problems  just so they can try and benefit from it. (And I'm not just talking about anxiety and the bipolar disorder thing, I mean ALL kinds of different things.) Anxiety is no joke. I suffer from social anxiety, and I don't walk around flaunting it. It is absolutely humiliating, and that is why it irritates me when I see people broadcasting it. Or how people brag about how they've been sent to mental institutions before? Or how they legit are crazy, just because they want people's attention? That isn't something that you need to be bragging about. If you keep walking around telling people stuff like that, you know what they're going to think? That you're CRAZY! News flash, but CRAZY isn't really appealing to most people! In fact, it's more frightening than anything! If something is seriously wrong with you, then you need to be taken care of. You don't need to be flaunting it. Mental illnesses are no joke. And I'm not saying that crazy people are terrible, no, I'm not, and I definitely am not saying that all people with mental illnesses need to be locked up. I think that is absolutely terrible. But if you have a severe mental problem, it doesn't get any better if you don't get any help. You can't control how everyone will think of you when they know exactly what is wrong with you, and that is why I say that you should not go and tell everyone about it. It is sad to say, but some people will feel sympathy, and some people will not. In fact, sometimes, the way a person views you can completely change. You never know. It's more of something that you should tell those that you trust, not random people that you meet when you're walking around. People spread rumors, and if those rumors get to the wrong people, you'll be very upset with how your life turns out... And I only say that because of what happened to Mary. Her parents found out about what she had been telling everyone at school, and so they told her that if she kept acting like she was crazy, then she needed to be locked up somewhere where she could get help. And, also, from her telling everyone at school, the daughter of her boss had heard her little rumor and told her mother, resulting in no job for Mary. So, please, just be smart about what you're telling people, and the people that you are telling these things to. 

mental illness, faking it, problems, rumors, anxiety, bipolar, attention, shame, attention seekers

Bruce the Alien

08/03/2015 04:11 PM 

In Loving Memory of my Fishing Buddy... Shadow


07/29/2015 12:05 PM 

Current mood:  sleepy

Hope everyone has a great night!! 

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