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Angel Stay

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Fairy Tales

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Queen of the Dead

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Lament of the Melancholy Space

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Rain on my Parade

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Sunday and the Devil fell from

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Shooting Craps with God

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To Dance With You

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I see your face Vao su cara

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Immortal Beloved

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To Dance With You

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Southern Gothic  (1  photos)
Stuff of gothic-type interest from the South...
The Thousand Islands and Niagara Falls  (14  photos)
Last week's trip.
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MembersMe, myself, and I.

InfluencesEverything. Seriously.
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I released this one through Catapult, as "Wylde Bill and his Imaginary Friends"- then I changed the name of the project when I saw how many "Imaginary Friends" and variations there were. I'm the only Melancholy Spaceman! ;-P You can get both my released albums at my reverbnation site.

Record LabelIndependent
Label Type Independent

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About The Melancholy Spacemen:
I'm a one-man band. I play all the instruments (except for maybe 3 or 4 songs friends wanted to join in on), do all the vocals, do the recording, engineering, and even do the graphics and whatnot for the albums. I'm very much the introvert, and socially awkward. I don't trust easily. please don't think I'm stuck-up, dislike you, or disinterested just because I might not say much of anything to you. I find it quite easy to talk *at* people (i.e. perform on stage, expound on some subject that interests me), but very hard to actually relate to people. I learned to write poetry and love songs because I couldn't talk to girls (and I learned to drink for the very same reason when I was a teen.... heh), and I'm still prone to putting my foot in my mouth. So please, if I write you a poem or a song, don't think I'm obsessed with you either. I write poems and songs for most people that I am attracted to, love, or simply enjoy. Just saying... I'm also very much into my religion, and while I think most of my theology might be in line with the Catholic Church, don't count on hearing what you hear at your usual mass from me when I opine on religion.

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hey there :3
thanks for accepting me! :D
how're you today?

Apr 22nd 2012 - 2:00 PM

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