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" Look, oh look around, You're lost but never found, no. Six feet below the ground, Where you avoid your problems. Look, oh look around, You're lost but never found, no. Six feet below the ground, where you will never solve them. "

15 years old
jamming out to some tunez <3
United States

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December 03 2022

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GeneralI like music, art, fashion, toys, plushies, video games, old tech, anime, cooking (i'm bad at it but i wanna learn!), fandoms, manga, comics, horror stuff, animals and nostalgic thingz

MusicI listen to radiohead, deaftones, she wants revenge, IDKHBTFM, the all-american rejects, roar, the living tombstones, sodikken, studio killers, the smiths, metric, Jack stauber, tally hall, Jack conte, the front bottoms, the scary jokes, vocaloids, lemon demon, creep-p, mother mother, NEGATIVE XP, two door cinema club, mitski, aqua, tv girl, Nirvana, mystery skulls, marina and the diamonds, gwen stefani, the brobecks, Ken ashcorp, atsuover, avril lavigne, kesha, lady gaga, S3RL, panic at the disco, mcr, ghost town, Katy perry, Falling in reverse, fall out boy, get scared, flyleaf, green day, linkin park, three days grace, Hollywood undead, p!nk, circus-p, undertale ost, sonic games ost, lieu, h3artcrush, rebzyyx, osquinn, stxlkin, Alice gas, siouxxie, renard, Melanie Martinez, destroy boys, Heathers the musical, homestuck ost, the ddlc ost, fnf ost and some mods, ghost and pals, will wood, the mountain goats, weezer, hot freaks, heart attack man, machine girl, goreshit, weevildoing, caramella girls, insane clown posse, the hoosiers, hall and oates, tatu, ayesha erotica, millionaires, dot dot curve, bring me the horizon, asking alexandria and black veil brides
Movieswendell and wild, nightmare before christmas, corpse bride, coraline, edward scissorhands, alice in wonderland ( the 2nd movie and the old animated one ), sweeney todd, the last mimzy, the sonic movie ( including the 2nd one ), every mlp movie, carrie 1976, scream, the craft, breakfast on pluto, beetlejuice, jennifer's body, heathers, mean girls, movies by studio ghibli, the scary movie series lol xD (I like more but these are the ones i can remember liking)

TelevisionTokyo Mew Mew, Neon Genesis Evangelion, My Little Pony { just the g4 mlp }, My Life As A Teenage Robot, The Powerpuff Girls, strawberry panic, dan vs, sonic x, ouran high school host club, death note, shameless, skins uk, south park, the oblongs (again i like more shows but i can not remember)
BooksChibi vampire, The scott pilgrim comic books, The sonic idw comics, Homestuck, Randal's Friends, Princess ai, Sugar sugar rune, Fnaf: graphic novels, The hatsune miku mangas, I eat pasta for breakfast, Pastamonsters and i also like those horror books that like have multiple short horror stories
Heroes Hatsune Miku and Neil Cicierega are my heros

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Here for:Friends, Discover New Music,
Orientation: Bi
Hometown:deez nuts
Body type:More to love!
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:No Answer
Occupation:Professional Asshole
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:January 08, 2022

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About me:
Haii!! my name is Ronnette but i also go by Ronnie, Ron, Jonah and Aubrey also my pronouns are he/she/it/meow :P soooooo here is some info abt meh: I'm Bisexual and Ambiamory, I'm dating a fictional character named Sarah from Needlem0use <33 I enjoy fashion, music, video games, anime, toys, plushies, art and old nostalgic thingz ^_^ i am currently into Sonic stuff, Omori, pinky and pepper forever and a few yt horror series' !!

Who I'd like to meet:
i'd like to meet your mom on a nice evening then take her out to a lovely restaurant

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