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🌚 Why do people wrongly judge people? I forget nobody chooses to see the exposed shell parts of the prototype. People just look what is there in front of them. If no good you must be recycled. What a dire shame. My Snapchat is beelzebubpants message me there 🌚

29 years old
Pissing people off and getting on their nerves everyday , Texas
United States

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April 16 2021

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GeneralOh I forget my diet really scares people 🍜 If you want to see my diet you can at your own risk 🧀 I also only eat my 🍜 noodles with very little seasoning of the packet then I drain the water completely and get all the water out then I melt cheese on the 🍜 noodles and sometimes I add an 🥚 however I think my diet can be ten times worse than what I'm eating but you can ask for a pantry photo and what else I eat and oh if you feel like timing yourself on my profile go ahead ⏲️ If you feel like commenting the time to read my profile start to finish I mean? I guess that would make my account entertaining 👹 🗒️ Some more antsy rules and before messaging me. I know cancel culture is highly popular nowadays. People are canceling their social media accounts. Some people are anti video games like what the Hell has this world going on? Ah right communism! I already predicted this country would be a communist country a year and a half ago. Also I think the most funniest thing is the books being canceled for racism. But why and how if this wasn't years and years and years ago? Amusing. But I already knew Americans were gonna take a dump in their pants with this communism's heading in the U.S. state please note if you're a communist or highly political that is fine I'll still chat with ya just know that if you plan to chat about this 24/7 with me the conversation would be like legit frozen. So sad I predicted this. Also people are gonna block me for saying this. But I will not get my vaccine and my dad isn't going to either. I would rather not have an allergic reaction and possibly die from that. One person that was 39 years old and had two kids had her second dose of the vaccine and a few hours later she was rushed to the hospital for uncontrolled breathing and couldn't breathe and was hyperventilating from an allergic reaction and died. How about no thanks! Also the doctors wanted to tell her family that she didn't die from the vaccine and the family said she was healthy as a horse. So what that tells me is doctors don't want to woman up or man up and tell the truth that this lady had an allergic reaction and died. Also don't be telling me. You will be fine. Nothing won't happen. Yeah okay. No. Also a few people over 37 + had blood clots. So no thanks. Btw I rarely go out anyways. I go out once a week if a family member needs something. If the so said family member doesn't then I do my two week grocery shopping. I also take 🐟 Oil and 🍵 extract and 🍏 Cider for my general wellness health so don't be telling me oh I don't care about other people's well being most people find holistic wellness full of lies but I've not been sick for a year and a half. The most I ever had was digestion problems. But that's because I eat bad baha. After all this is my choice and isn't yours. So please whatever you do don't tell me I should cancel something because I won't as well as tell me I should get the vaccine because I won't either! So leave me alone about this. Also I think what is amusing is and is a s^hit load of f'uck. That when I posted Animal Crossing stuff on my 📸 page and I lost 5 followers over that. Now I can understand if I spammed the living daylights out of Animal Crossing on my page but no I didn't. Not like I care about this I'm just bring that up because man that's honestly so amusing because I never lost 5 + followers until I posted Animal Crossing stuff. Like wow that's a gigantic joke. I also think people get tired of me posting toys or shirts or food items I try on my 📸 page but do I really care? No but I guess that makes sense if you get tired of seeing the same content over and over then again then maybe that is a right idea to unfollow me. But why unfollow me when I upload photos of cats eh? Also should state if you have me on read for a few days but each day or every few hours you keep uploading stories or post and by then and at that point I'll remove your follow. Why? Because most of the time when I ask why've you not messaged me back? I'm busy. I don't have time to respond and I only have time to post something. Please. Your giving me text that is saying. I really have no interest in messaging you or don't care about messaging you and just leave me alone. Trust me sweet 🎂 I can read between the lines not that hard 🎂 🎭 Height is reaching at 5' probably because I'm bow legged has halted my growth and my sis is four inches taller than me and I'm half of her size as well I'm 92-96. 🐑/🐟 cusp. O positive or O negative I forgot. True and throughout full on Water Rooster. Natural bow legged. Both crooked pinky fingers. Also have bird feet. I don't get along with Bull people. Normally get along with Air and Fire people the most and Water. I seem to have an earthquake effect with Earth signs. Let me know what your Chiense Zodiac is because I'll be curious. You either A are with the 9 Divines or down with the Gods. Hail Loki as well 🎭 and 🎧 Hook me up into a video game world 🎮 this is all I want to listen to I never notice till now Yasunori Mitsuda is my favorite composter. You can feel all sorts of vibes flowing inside your vessel. Holy fuk his music is special. I never played Xenogears but this is fu'cking beautiful. Hook me up to my headphones and let me listen to video game music forever! The only time you will ever see tears out of my demon eyes if a music piece is way too beautiful for me! Or something has really stricken my soul or something like that along those fancy pants line 🌚 I think [game music] is something that should last with the player. It's interesting because it can't just be some random music, but something that can make its way into the player's heart. In that sense, this not only applies to game music, but I feel very strongly about composing songs that will leave a lasting impression...What I must not forget is that it must be entertaining to those who are listening. I don't think there's much else to it, to be honest. I don't do anything too audacious, so as long as the listeners like it, or feel that it's a really great song, then I've done my job 🌚 Yasunori Mitsuda, 2008 interview 🌚🚿🌙 Also ask yourself this when sending me messages. Will I reply? If you think I won't then most defiantly I won't then haha. So I'm looking for what other people isn't looking for something lost in the day and age. As I don't flow well with modern dating. I'm looking for a relationship where courting is needed. So many guys would be clueless of what I'm talking about. I also think matching shampoo and body wash and other shower things and even hair brushes are so darn adorable🚿 🥪 so any incoming mail in the inbox for the VOID then address them here 🥪 by the way the only 🥪 I like are roast beef and cheddar or a cold turkey or ham with light mayo 🥪 I was raised to be picky/not accept your food and I was also never raised that you didn't have to eat every single thing on your plate I also will at a fast food place and restaurant take off sauce and veggies if there is something I don't like I also was raised eating fast food every single day is stupid and I'm only allowed two fast food meals every week and you eat at the house every single day and the thing was never about money and more or so that the fact eating out everyday is just stupid 🥪 Also a carrot 🎂 should only be made with 🥕 not no freaking pineapples or raisins just utter disgusting 👹
MusicYou can look up my full profile here https://spacehey.com/profile?id=118844 and I've a secondary account for my spiritual blogs and that is https://blog.spacehey.com/user?id=113442 and if you want to look at my about me page that is fine because both accounts this one and High Toxic Fiber Diet have two different information facts about me etc :)

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Occupation:The enchanter of Hell, a prototype shell trying to understand life
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About me:
So I'm back and not for long. I finally decided to spend my time here. I should be honest about my past and how I ended up like I'm today. The thing is. I had nothing to hide. That wasn't the problem. I wasn't mentally and emotionally preparing. In my wolven eyes those two things are different. I wasn't hiding anything I just was waiting for my mental and emotional state to be where I wanted them. Also I should state as well that if you add me back on here I expect you to add me back on one of my social media platforms and let me know that you got my friend request. If you don't want to talk on a social media platform then don't accept my friend request and just deny my friend request. Also the cursor is from Fillster but there isn't a lot of options but oh well. So you probably think didn't you say you wouldn't come back here anymore after this? I did but at that time when I said I wouldn't come back I noticed something. I never really clarified on my story and how I ended up acting like the way I do today and where I began and started now. I know I was never liked here. I wasn't told by several users on here that I needed help and I should seek professional mental help from someone. But the thing that people don't understand is I know what I saw that day and what happened with my ex and what happened at his mom's house. I know there are people out there that don't believe in spirits or spirit guides or the spiritual realm in general and I get that. Because I live in a whole entire family that doesn't believe in those things well all my family members believe in guardian angels and all that stuff but one of the family members that doesn't believe in spirituality she thought I was having a psyche episode problem. After that I never shared any of my writings with that so said family member. I understand now that I probably will never spiritual write again. I lost so many friends and a possible date because of spirituality. But I'm getting off topic here. Before I give you my story and what happened throughout my life let me tell people here. In 2020 I went to a mental health benefit center to get SSI and with that said you've to take a psychological evaluation test and an IQ test. According to them. I'm not psychopathic and insane like everyone on this website and other different websites that I don't log into. The one that tested me says I need to be in a group meeting social center to be around people that have Autism. PTSD. Chronic Depression. Adaptive Behavior disorder and mild Insomnia. She stated that I would know how to socialize and know how to communicate better. But the awful thing is the only place that can take me by bus ride due to my location is booked and full. She said the only way you can get into that one is if someone drops out of the program or if someone moves. The other ones are in Liberty and Cleveland. I didn't say the other one because that would give away my location that I'm very close to. Which I don't have nobody to take me to. So yet again I'm screwed as usual. But I do believe that I do agree with her because I think that's why I can't communicate like a normal regular person. Because I don't have anyone around me with the same disorders as me. I don't have anyone that I know of family related that understands these disorders. Let alone there are several people out there that still have no clue what is wrong with people that suffer the same mental health conditions like I do. I wish there was a all natural cure for the disorders that I've and what people like me have. But the thing is there won't be a cure there is no way physically possible you can naturally alter someone's genetic brain stem cells. Drugging/alternating the brain cells is not natural in my eyes and will never be that way. I also think as well on here and the other websites that I've been on have taken my underground username Wolf or Wolf Mother online way too seriously. I'm probably not the only one out there that does this. I'm sure Twitch streamers as well probably have underground usernames. I think people that create usernames for themself online aren't insane or psychopathic. Probably a security blanket for them and calling them psychopathic insane is way off the charts. I think people really need to learn the definition of psychopath and insane before dishing that out to someone. I think people should be called that if the person is a murderer. Decides to shoot people point blank for no reason. suicide murders. I think people should read this article and realize this is what psychopathy is and insane. This is what you call this person needs severe mental treatment. So before you blanky call me psychopath and insane. Maybe you need to look this up and maybe this will change your ways and change your ways of making fun of people that you think clearly needs deep help. I think this person needs to be locked up in a mental ward for the rest of her life is what I think. Because this is what the mother told the police. She later told authorities that the child was possessed by a demon, adding that it was the demon who died and not her daughter. Yeah I don't think a person like that needs to be freed from the psych ward  https://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/ny-brazilian-mom-accused-killing-daughter-gruesome-psychotic-episode-20210127-b7mebnh2bjh75odojdaoxxhv6i-story.html But back on the subject about getting help before I tell you what has happened in my life. Have I gotten SSI or approved yet? No. Because I finally got paperwork from the government that I've to sign off on because the paperwork was about something of trying to get more money from my Mom when she worked somewhere for more than 10 years plus. This is a super long process. I applied last year in June. I didn't get called to do my psychological test till November. I didn't get my results in February. I didn't get a government paperwork from the SSI till the end of March I've a deadline by the end of April to send back the paperwork the government is asking for and my signature. My aunt is working on scanning copies and proofreading everything before she gives me the paperwork to sign. I've three aunts but one of my aunts is the secretary for everyone in the family. Because she is the eldest and wisest of everyone in the family. Your question remains still. Do I've a online job yet? No. My dad has been ultra busy trying to find him a job. Which people need to understand he is 60 this year and most people will not hire someone of that age. No he doesn't qualify for stimulus or unemployment. He did apply and he got denied. My dad seriously thinks I can make $20-30 dollars an hour just because I type fast. I've been wanting to tell my dad all this time. You don't get paid on how fast you type and the only people that get paid that kind of money online like that is for people that work for the government or correcting medical/doctor reports online. I also don't think there is an online job out there for me that can include stock marketing or something that is along my range of 3-5 grade math.  Last thing before I go on my story. How does my health sense the virus? Fine I've not had zero signs of the virus. But I only go out once per week if one of my family members needs something, if he or she doesn't I go get my groceries every two weeks. I take fish oil + flax oil + borage oil as a combo capsules. I personally don't think the taste is disgusting. I also take Apple cider for general wellness. I'm looking into a third supplement for immune/general wellness but I'm not sure yet. So other than that I've been really healthy as a horse. I will probably try L-Theanine because look at all these benefits and you can get a 100 count bottle at Walmart or a.k.a. Walnuts for $5.95 and you take 1 a day. That will last you 3 months and all natural! So here is my story. I've typed out on Space Hey this will cover everything sense birth through high school till what happened with my ex/my mom's murder and what I went through after that. I will warn you for people that are sensitive to trigger warnings that go into a dark place after reading very sensitive content. I would not recommend you read this if you're not in the right frame of mind. This could worsen the mood and I would not recommend that. https://blog.spacehey.com/user?id=118844 and the only thing I notice now of my blog that I forgot to put in with my ex was how aggressive his behavior was. He was a different person. He would toss and throw things when angered and would go into a rampage frenzy in the house. I also been swung and hit with a wooden plank before. He also would force me to have sex with him and if I didn't do that my punishment was being beaten or thrown in the shower. You probably should've thought in my blog to post. You should've called the police back then before he came and busted in your parents house etc and well I was a dumb stupid 24 or 25 year old back then and I was fearing for my life. Which reminds me that is another thing I forgot to include in my blog as well he waited for my dad to leave lunch and he wasn't there. But I don't think there will ever be a time in life were I will overcome the trauma and the fear of being physical and sexual abused. But I hope you have a different outlook on me besides the psychopathic and insane person you guys all make me out to be here on here. Well most of you at least. You know I've tons of regrets. But we all make mistakes. Some makes can be undone but some can't. If you guys still see me as a bad person I'm sorry that all of you still hate me on here.
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