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"it's so cold in alaska!"

17 years old
tropic of capricorn,
United States

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January 03 2021

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General i like to wander around.
Musicohhhhhhhhhh music is Wonderful. the pixies, hole, shins, nico, the velvet underground, the doors, two gallants ......>,queen, leonard cohen, neutral milk hotel, skeeter davis, alice in chains, pachelbel, the moldy peaches, bobby derin, mates of state, peter and the wolf, marvelettes,kimya dawson,peter paul and mary, blur, the flaming lips, the roots,petula clark, the clash, john frusciante, elton john, mazzie star, janis joplin, voxtrot, sigur ros, eisley, misfits, the beatles, jane's addiction, blind melon, marilyn manson, joan osborne, the carpenters, at the drive in,outkast, brian eno, blink 182, air, nirvana, dresden dolls, al green, two-star symphony, cream, fleetwood mac, pavement, bright eyes, yann tiersen, echo and the bunnymen, bob dylan, cat stevens, heart, simon and garfunkle, blondie, tilly and the wall, the blood brothers,led zeppelin, the stars, tom waits. james taylor, the eagles, david bowie, carly simon, mr. bungle, yes, REM, nine inch nails, the mars volta, interpol, elliott smith,bauhaus,steve miller band, linda ronstadt, the kinks,against me!,beethoven,gary jules,the smiths, the who, the cranberries,the cars,smashing pumpkins, okkervil river,eagle eye cherry,willie nelson, violent femmes, pearl jam,the distillers,carly simon,alanis morisette, sonic youth, tom petty and the heartbreakers,creedance clearwater revival. i love those very much.
Moviesharold and maude <3, igby goes down, blue velvet, mulholland drive, gia, the royal tenenbaums,the dreamers, pulp fiction, tank girl, the darjeeling limited, ferngully, amelie, the thing, wristcutters, beetlejuice, winter passing, sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band, juno, the pianist, slc punk!, y tu mamá también, fatal contact, the brown bunny, party monster, dogma, wall.e, jawbreaker, interview with a vampire, james and the giant peach, the basketball diaries, totoro, the magdalene sisters, kids, the puffy chair, before sunrise, mysterious skin, pan's labyrinth, thumbsucker, boys don't cry, howl's moving castle, hard candy, suicide club, science of sleep, magnolia, wayne's world, gummo, lost in translation, beat, edward scissorhands, the people vs. larry flynt, sleeping beauty, babel, samurai x, virgin suicides, who framed roger rabbit?, lolita, donnie darko, splash!, reservoir dogs, girl interrupted, the rules of attraction, fantasia, life aquatic, death becomes her, little nemo, i heart huckabees, the shining, saved!, beetlejuice, romy and michelle's high school reunion, boondock saints, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, elephant, the doors movie, garden state, seven, good will hunting, 9 1/2 weeks, 300, a clockwork orange, almost famous, silence of the lambs, rocky horror picture show, amadeus, alice in wonderland, american beauty, nightmare before christmas, closer, poltergeist.
Booksthe lorax,the ten good things about barney,invisible monsters,lolita,the vampire lestat,the virgin suicides,ender's game,the valley of the dolls,tresure box,diary,a clockwork orange,mick harte was here,stiff,girl interrupted,the melancholy death of oyster boy,the shining,choke,interview with a vampire,diary,fear and loathing in las vegas.
Heroes courtney love,the lorax,randy pausch, harmony korine,amanda palmer,brian viglione,kucinich,ron paul,chloë sevigny,lolita,kurt cobain,tracy grandstaff,daria,jane,elliott smith,wes anderson,harold & maude,yann tiersen,mark sink,joan osborne,chuck palahniuk, & the dreamers.

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Orientation: Straight
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Religion:I will let you know . . .
Education:In college
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:November 04, 2020

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About me:
https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/ -- i love art,photography,music,live music,writing,space,hubble,europe,japan,durrow abbey,kittens,casthttps://photos-684.ak.facebook.com/photos-ak-sf2p/v73/157/34/34415820/n34415820_32082684_2160.jpgles,haribo,zombies,supernatural things,sanrio,mellotune,honesty+loyalty,discovery/science channel(s),museums,exploring,movies,film reels,vhs,books,loveee. (a painting of mine. I was inspired by hole's music and the back of celebrity skin's album cover; a tribute to hole.) lovelovelove. (a version on the back of celebrity skin.) feed your head, feed your headdddddd he keeps you in a box, by the bed. alive, but just barelyyy. Death rattle: A gurgling or rattling sound sometimes made in the throat of a dying person, caused by loss of the cough reflex and passage of the breath through accumulating mucus. Nerodul la orice fie, pe loc zice c l stie.
Who I'd like to meet:
courtney love,randy pausch,castles,harold & maude,amanda palmer, brian viglione,kucinich,ron paul,harmony korine,chloë sevigny,the romanovs,elliott smith,tracy grandstaff,wes anderson,tim burton,kim deal,chuck palahniuk,river pheonix,joan osborne,kurt cobain,jim morrison,anne rice,jason schwartzman,conor oberst,2004

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