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January 20 2021

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random images that make my brain go ^@##^@^πŸ’˜πŸ’•(#&@)*#(@πŸ’ž!!1!!1*
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MusicI have a very mixed music taste so there's ALOT I'll try to write as many as I remember, and I'll try to update as I find new bands I like :3 Also soz if there's any repeats I'm kinda dumb XD β₯ Pierce The Veil β₯ Get Scared β₯ My Chemical Romance β₯ Set it Off β₯ Sleeping With Sirens β₯ Falling in Reverse β₯ The Used β₯ Black Veil Brides β₯ Beartooth β₯ Bullet For My Valentine β₯ LEATHOURMØUTH/Death Spells/all of Frank Iero's bands (WHY DOES HE HAVE SO MANY😭😭) β₯ Dawn of Demise β₯ Cannibal Corpse β₯ Motionless in White β₯ Bring Me The Horizon β₯ The Devil Wears Prada β₯ Slipknot β₯ Korn β₯ Limpbizkit β₯ Dance Gavin Dance β₯ Asking Alexandria β₯ Silverstein β₯ The Fall of Troy β₯ Blessthefall β₯ Underoath β₯ Soasin β₯ Fall Out Boy β₯ Green Day β₯ The Offspring β₯ IDK HOW β₯ P!ATD (I only like the old albums and I do not support Brendon) β₯ Blink-182 β₯ 5SOS β₯ The All American Rejects β₯ Jimmy Eat World β₯ Paramore β₯ YUNGBLUD β₯ Three days grace β₯ Linkin Park β₯ Avenged Sevenfold β₯ Ghost Town β₯ Good With Grenades β₯ Story of the Year β₯ Mayday Parade β₯ Never Shout Never β₯ Cavetown β₯ Mitski β₯ Mother Mother β₯ Glass Animals β₯ Waterparks β₯ All Time Low β₯ Owl City β₯ Melanie Martinez β₯ McCafferty (I don't support him) β₯ The Front Bottoms β₯ Foster the People β₯ The Neigbourhood β₯ Weathers β₯ Remodrive β₯ 3OH!3 β₯ S3RL β₯ Ayesha erotica β₯ Brokencyde β₯ Jeffree Star (Don't support him though fuck Jeffree 😁) β₯ Breathe Carolina β₯ From First to Last β₯ Mindless Self Indulgence (I don't support the band/any of the members they're all cunts) β₯ The Living Tombstone β₯ Hatsune Miku (+ all vocolaid) β₯ Insane Clown Posse β₯ AFI β₯ AJJ β₯ The Distillers β₯ Palaye Royale β₯ Jack White/The White Stripes β₯ Gorillaz β₯ La Dispute β₯ Escape the Fate β₯ If i Die First β₯ Moltov Solution β₯ Rings of Saturn β₯ Snow Whites Poison Bite β₯ Blessthefall β₯ Scary Kids Scaring Kids β₯ Job for a Cowboy β₯ iwrestledabearonce β₯ Nirvana β₯ The Arctic Monkeys β₯ Younger Hunger β₯ The Red Hot Chilli Peppers β₯ Queen β₯ Lustra β₯ The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus β₯ Fountain of Wayne β₯ Capstan β₯ Modern Error β₯ Playing With Knives β₯ Static Sress β₯ L'exquisite Douleuler β₯ My Bloody Valentine β₯ Passcode β₯ Alesana β₯ Suicide Silence β₯ A Day to Remember β₯ Taking Back Sunday β₯ ROAR β₯ Neutral Milk Hotel β₯ Tyler the Creator
Heroes Gerard Way and Vic Fuentes <3

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Here for:Friends, Discover New Music,
Orientation: Gay
Body type:Average
Ethnicity:Native American
Education:High school
Status: Single
Member Since:October 17, 2020

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About me:
Hiiii i'm Kolton :) (He/him or he/they) I want more friends who have the same interests as me so if you wanna be friends message me on Discord or dm me on either Insta/Twitter :3 β₯ Discord: 𝕢𝖔𝖑𝖙𝖔𝖓 #8289 β₯ Insta: @RAV3YARD_ β₯ Twitter: @KOLTONGOTSCARED β₯ I *usually* respond pretty quickly. ALSO!! I play Minecraft n stuff a lot if you wanna play with me my gamer tag is Kolton6176 and my Steam is r4v3y4rd :] That's basically it. Lemme know if you need me to use tone indicators :) κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦ INTERESTS; Art (all forms), true crime, creepy pasta, the dark web, horror, vulture culture, gore, guro, conspiracy theories, music (*some* genres I like; metal, metalcore, deathmetal, screamo, folk punk, midwestern emo, grunge, rock, psychedelic rock, indie, classical [specifically really eerie sounding stuff and the romantic era]), literature (all forms), nature, space, religion, anime, (Some of my favourtie animes are; Death Parade, Black Butler, Soul Eater, Blood Lad, Death Note, Toilet Bound Hanko-Kun, Cowboy Bebop, Evangelion and my all time favourite, Devilman Crybaby :DD) and manga. I'll read pretty much any manga but I especially like/ look for sci-fi n thriller/horror mangas. κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦ HOBBIES; Drawing, painting, sculpting, reading, writing (I mainly write original stories, fanfics, plays and poetry), making ocs, playing video games (some of my favourite v games are; Babysitter Blood Bath, Lollipop Chainsaw, Corpse Party, Meat Cleaver Mutilator, Doki Doki Literature Club and Team Fortress 2), watching anime or YouTube, making kandi, day dreaming (fun fact I'm a maladaptive day dreamer lolz (^_-)) exploring abandoned buildings/places, exploring in general, going on nature walks, watching the sunset, traveling, skateboarding and collecting bones n teeth :D κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦κ’·κ’¦ MY SUBCULTURES/AESTHETICS; (The subcultures I'm in and the aesthetics I like >_<) romantic goth, vampire goth, scene, emo (scemo x3), metalhead, grunge, vampirecore, steampunk, trashcore, cryptidcore, chaoscore, nolstalgiacore, 80s/90s aesthetic, angelcore, demoncore, dark cottagecore, dark academia, naturecore and spacecore. Invader Zim - Gir MySpace & Facebook LayoutsLayoutsCommentsGraphicsWidgets
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XxXK1tt3n [email protected][email protected]


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