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"Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man You think you know.”

16 years old
Rainier, Washington
United States

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August 29 2020

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Generalfood- Easter Bread- or a bread that has fruit in it. Drink- anything with Caffeine Candy- In short Skittles, but I also like anything fruity, If I had to choose chocolate then I would say anything that has either white chocolate or special dark chocolate. I like to read, draw, and write. I like to write about my life experiences, and like to listen to people's paranormal experiences. I am currently working on making a podcast, but I'm not sure, It might just be for close friends. Oh, I like horror movies, well really anything creepy. I LOVE Halloween and scaring people.
MusicI like a lot of music, Set It Off, Panic!, Melanie Martinez, Lola Blanc, Calpurnia, Fall Out Boy, and the song; "You're So Creepy" by Ghost Town. Plus anything creepy.
Movies In short HORROR! But I also like some comedy, and have yet to see a romance that I liked. My favorite movie over all is "Coraline". also the "dark crystal". I hate any romance,I know that the "Harry Potter" series was put for books, but I don't really like the movies. I mean Draco Malfoy- played by Tom Felton- is very cute, also not that I like "Twilight" which I don't but Cedric will always be my favorite character.
TelevisionI like anything creepy; like "Dark Crystal; Age of Resistance" you can't tell me that's not creepy! Ghost Adventures, The Dead Files, Creeped Out(please make more), Stranger Things, and Tales from the Crypt. "I'm not okay with this" "Star v.s the Forces of Evil" "Gravity Falls" and Steven Universe."
BooksI like a lot of Steven King books, My favorite was "It"- yeah I read the whole thing, only took a week actually.Also any fairy tales that have been switched so that they are creepy. Anything with suspense, or a "Who done it".
Heroes Not really a hero kind of girl...I like Villains better!
Groups: Horror enthusiasts,

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Orientation: No Answer
Body type:Slim / Slender
Education:High school
Member Since:April 14, 2020

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Rainier High
Rainier, WA
Grad Year: School
Student Status: Currently Attending
Major: Arts

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"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."  (view more)

"Things Don't Always go According to Plan."  (view more)

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About me:
My full name is Jaden Lynn Lawrence-Olsen. I have two last names, not two middle names. A lot of people call me Lynn, but it kind of weirds me out, so yeah... I am good at cooking, but I have let you know that only people in my family and my S/O will be able to enjoy my food, because I am still new to cooking, and don't really like to cook often. Hey, I am also taking Requests for drawings, if you want to see a drawing of your choice on my profile just message me what you want the drawing to be of, and a color scheme would be helpful. I decided, that - if you've seen my profile before- i was going to go more professional, than i did before. so some hobbies include; drawing-as shown in my pics and how I started this about me. I also love to cook, mostly because my dad is a pastry chef and teaches me everything he knows. I also like to write, in my links the second link is to my book thus far, still a work in progress, right now I'm experiencing writers block, but I'll get past it. Some weird things I do; well let's see, I have this ankle bracelet-it will be on my pics-it has little bells on it so when I move it jingles, the weird part is I never like to take it off, so I don't-unless I'm in the shower.My biggest fear is loneliness. Like It'll say in my favorite movies; I really like horror movies and shows, I like "Stranger Things" "I'm Not Okay With This" and "The Dark Crystal" Which actually, when I was little, I used to hate "The Dark Crystal" only because the Skeksis, especially Skekso- the Emperor . I might be boring you, I'm sorry, I just like to write and sometimes I get carried away with it.
Who I'd like to meet:
really I'd like to meet people that are funny, can help me when times get tough, and try their best to not get bored with me. Well basically anyone. Just some people that are fun to hang around.

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