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33 years old
Jüterbog, Brandenburg

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January 18 2020

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GeneralPanzerkampfwagen, Panzerspähwagen, und allgemeine SPG/AFV. Militäruniformen.
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MoviesTheirs Is The Glory 1946, танкистов 1939, Patton 1970, Battle of the Bulge 1965, Kelly's Heroes 1970, Stosstrupp 1930, Westfront 1918 1930, Shin Godzilla 2015, Сталинградская битва 1949, Sahara 1995, 西住戦車長伝 1940.
TelevisionGerman War Files Tank Talks Greatest Tank Battles Deutsche Kampfwagen im Zweiten Welt-Krieg
BooksTaschenbuch der Tanks/Panzer Tiger im Schlamm AfV Magazine for Armor Enthusiasts Panzer Destroyer Deutsche Kampfwagen Greifen An! alles, was mit Panzern zu tun hat.
Heroes Otto Carius Ernst Volckheim Joseph Vollmer Zinoviy Kolobanov Nishizumi Kojiro Tamada Yoshio

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About me:
tag auch ich heißt yukari, ich liebe panzer vom alle nationen in die ganze welt
i speak english too
as you can probably tell i reaaally like tanks and AFVs, theyre super coole, each one is unique and different in it's own way, sometime's even down to the individual level.
the picture above is a Kolossal-Wagen (Colossal Vehicle), the most gargantuan vehicle of it's time. Designed by Joseph Vollmer, the same man who designed the A7V chassis (based on the Holt Tractor chassis), it would've been a truly awe inspiring vehicle to see rolling across the battlefields of the western front.
The Saint Chamond, one of France's attempts at an armoured fighting vehicle, it looks like a fat alligator or something, and it got stuck all the time.
This one is the Ford 3 Ton M1918 Tankette, the United States of America's first domestic fully tracked armoured fighting vehicle design that was put into mass production. It didn't have a partitioned interior between the engine compartment and the crew's fighting compartment, so it got very hot and loud inside of it. The visibility of the crew was super poor as well, and when these things were taken for joy rides by the Americans, they would be driven within close proximity of each other, leading to them ramming one another a lot.
The Renault FT-17, the baby of Jean-Baptiste Estienne, during Germany's Spring Offensive in 1918, a few Renault FT-17s were pressed into service to halt the German advance on Paris, and Estienne was very, very pleased to see that his dream of a torpedo boat on land, i.e., a large horde of small, fast, armoured fighting vehicles swerving across the land overwhelming the enemy lines while supporting the infantry around them. In American service, it was known as the M1917.
Whippet Medium tanks aren't too well known, I guess, at least, not their service history, which is sad because at the battle of Villers Brettoneux a handful of them partook in the second tank-on-tank engagement of the day after Sturmpanzerwagen A7V "Lotti" engaged two Mark IVs, knocking two out in the process. And, as seen in this photo, they played a role in the Russian Civil War.
The face of the Tank's origin, the Landship. Although the modern Tank is not a British invention, that honour goes to the Austro-Hungarians, of all people, they do have the honour of the title of the first nation to employ Tanks on the battlefield, and not only that, but employ them to effect on their first go. The series had plenty, plenty of variants, and the one in the photo is a Landship Mark II named "Lusitania".
This is the other one of France's first attempts at a "Tank" (and I put that in quotes because supposedly Estienne didn't like the name "Tank" to begin with, he preferred the french word "Char"), The Schneider CA-1 Gun Carrier. It, along with the Saint Chamond, seen their first debut during the Nivelle Offensive of 1917, and it was a complete disaster.
And finally, arguably the most innovative design produced in any number during the first world war, and the beginning of Germany's long road of Tank developement, the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. Although, this was not the first vehicle to enter production using the A7V chassis, that honour goes to the Überlandwagen. It had numerous extremely innovative design choices, suspension (this wasn't a new thing, but I like to mention it because it's funny to me how the british landships had no suspension, even though I understand why they didn't have suspension), and the first SPAA in history was built on the same chassis as the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V. I could go on and on about it, it's my personal favourite out of all of them, but to keep it short, it wasn't suited for the Western Front in the slightest, but that still didn't keep it from proving itself to be at least somewhat effective, especially in the area of anti-tank combat.
Who I'd like to meet:
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Otto Carius!

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