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_(:o 」∠)_ oh hello there, traveler I see you've stumbled across my humble, abode. Please, please, make yourself at home, let's chill and talk _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_

16 years old
Twin Falls, Idaho
United States

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March 23 2020

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GeneralOo, interests ok ok, i'm good at listing these~. _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_ I love animals, music, I play the flute and keyboard, anything adorable, including but not limited to, looking adorable, adorable people, adorable animals, smol things, and cute clothes. I enjoy fashion quite a bit too, sometimes I feel like I wanna make some clothes, but, that's just kinda a little thing for me, smol idea. I kinda like anime but I don't really watch it that often, though Death Note will always be my favorite~. I also kinda enjoy writing, I've written one short story that's about 29 pages on google docs. I looooove dressing up in cute feminine clothing, so friggin' much, I'd do it all the time in public if it weren't for, ~s e l f c o n c i o u s n e s s~ _(.-. 」∠)_ But yee, stuff like chokers, nail polish, lil' crop top hoodies, and hoodies that have like, like a kinda, light kind of stitching to it? I'm, not too sure how to describe it, it can like, rip easily but it also feels kinda soft on your skin-, oh, l a c y, that's the word I'm looking for. Lacy clothing is one of my favorites. ok i've rambled long enough next one _(:o 」∠)_
MusicWow ok i've really gotta type a little less. I'll be quick with this onee, ok, _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_ Music I like, literally anything that isn't a genre of Metal. _(:0 」∠)_ yeah that's honestly about it n e x t o n e _ ( * 0 * 」 ∠ ) _
MoviesMovies? God I, huh, I don't really keep track of my favorite movies. uUuuuuuh, I loved all of Harry Potter and the Aladdin remake was a big pile of y e s. _ ( * o * 」 ∠ ) _
TelevisionOk ok ok, gotta be quick, I really onlu like two polar opposite shows, My Little Pony and Rick and Morty. Oh and Gravity Falls, that one's a pile of yes too, _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_
BooksI don't reeead. _(.-. 」∠)_ Ok but for real, I really only liked Harry Potter with books I read, and a reeeeealy old series called Deltora Quest, it's got an anime, it's on Hulu, go, go watch it, it's neat. It's _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_ a good show
Heroes What, what's the purpose of this, section? Is it like, people you look up to?_(.-. 」∠)_ ??? Uuuuh, well, I don really look up to anyone. I like to be a role model to others, i'm a pretty friggin' great person. _(>:3 」∠)_ Oh-, uh, that's it! That's, the profile, huh, this was neat~. Uh ok, so, if you got there far and are reading this, I uh, just wanted to tell you that you're a friggin amazing person, and, you're cool~. _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_ Stay safe, when, outside, look, both ways when crossing the street, wear your seatbelt, and, don't forget tooooo... stay fresh, cheese bags. _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_ -Nahla

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Orientation: Gay
Body type:Slim / Slender
Ethnicity:No Answer
Education:High school
Status:In a relationship
Member Since:November 28, 2019

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About me:
Alright, so uh, _(._. 」∠)_ hmm how do i do thesseeee? My name's Nahla~, uuh, I act super feminine online and irl but I am, biologically male. Soo, that's neat, _(ˇ︶ˇ」∠)_. Please, use she/her pronouns when talkin' to me, i don't really identify myself as a trans girl, but, kinda like a femboyyy? I guessss? _(.-. 」∠)_ I love pretty much anything adorable and girly, those kinds of things are just, my, j a m. _(*o*」∠)_ Oh and I also love music and writing stories~, ok i've been here too long i gotta go work on my other profile stuff ok byeee have a nice timeeee (:0 」∠)_ Oh, uh, it seems I gotta put a metric butt-ton of code here to give me a layout soooooo-
Who I'd like to meet:
Hoo boy more profile stuff _( .)-(. 」∠)_ uuuuhhh, okie I'd like to meet people that are like mee~, specifically maybe trans girls, other femboys, and girls that would treat me as "one of the girls~", that'd be nice~. ok next one let's g o _ ( * o * 」 ∠ ) _

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