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May 14 2021

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AYYO HOES! My name is Courtney, and welcome to my page. I don't really know how to explain myself, but I'll do my best. If you read it, I'm sorry. If you don't, you're lucky. In the words of Philip DeFranco, let's just jump into it.

I'm 27 years old and currently stuck in dumpster town, but over here, we call it Michigan. I work all day, and stay at home the rest of the time. Whenever I do leave my house for social events, it gets pretty lit. Trump is trash.

I work one, full time job and it's the greatest. I'm a bartender/server at a Irish tavern. I love the idea of mixing booze and creating cocktails. I plan to become a good, well-rounded bartender. My coworkers are my best friends/ worst enemies, and I couldn't ask for a better family then the ones I work with. Working in the restaurant industry is hard, and if you're in it, then you ALREADY KNOW! Having my coworkers by my side, actually make it worth clocking in.

When I'm home, I cannot get enough of Netflix. Anything animated or in the horror department is my thing. If I'm not watching Netflix, I'm on YouTube watching content that makes me question why I'm not making money from the "views" #vloglife. I love Love LOVE makeup. Wet 'n Wild are my go to products. Second best would have to be E.L.F. Sometimes, I do my makeup, just to do it. I am no where near, nor claim to be a makeup artist, but some days; when I draw on my eyebrows, they SOMETIMES match... Okay, well they're more like cousins than sisters, but they're eyebrows. I like to play around with Photoshop, by creating edits and resources. I know no one looks at, or uses them, but its a fun hobby, and keeps me off the streets, and away from drugs. I can stay home all day, not do anything, and low key, be the happiest ever. If I have my Netflix, computer, and blanket, I'll be alright.

It's really rare I go out because of work, but when I go out, I. Go. OUT. I like to drink. Bud Light is my beer, and Fireball is THE liquor. I'm pretty good at beer pong. I'm not that big on the bar scene anymore, but I still go to them. I can have a good time sitting with my friends, drinking while watching scary movies. I always have a good time, when I'm around good people.

I honestly feel I'm rambling so I guess I'll end it here. If you made it to the end, then I'm really REALLY sorry, and hope I didn't kill you with my boring insights of my life. So, with that said, hit me up, and lets be friends. I think I'm a pretty swell gal, and could be the coolest person on the internet...or the creepiest. You'll never know until you send me a message or comment.

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Mar 16th 2021 - 8:34 AM

you're literally like a cool aunt/big sister and im all here for it 

Feb 12th 2021 - 5:20 PM

I hope you have a great weekend.

Jan 4th 2021 - 2:18 PM

Well, if you ever take requests, let me know lol. And share your resource site as well! I love promoting people's work!!!
And bartending isn't an easy job. I enjoy watching my drinks be made. But I must admit, I don't venture out of my normal drink orders often. But i do love to drink when I go out lookin hot.

Jan 4th 2021 - 11:29 AM

Girl! I love your layout! Did you do it yourself? And I sure do love my bartenders! They always make my night a happy one! Thanks for what you do!

Dec 10th 2020 - 2:49 PM

Thanks for the add
Krist Chaos

Dec 8th 2020 - 11:18 PM

Your profile is the bomb.

Dec 8th 2020 - 3:41 PM

You are the first one to notice it. I made the old player skin, reworking it from bad quality MySpace profile screenshots. I couldn't bring back these master pieces (I can't find a music player non band):

I won't get surrender to bring them back.

Dec 8th 2020 - 3:12 PM

Nice profile!
x_Escape the Moonlight_x

Dec 6th 2020 - 10:59 AM


Thanks for requesting me. I like your piercing. I've never seen a cheek piercing before. Lol. I noticed you're not accepting messages and Sooooo. If you want to add me on Instagram go for it. I just remade it. 


Dec 5th 2020 - 5:07 PM

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