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What life really about? Ask why? Ask how come? Gemini, the movement of planets in your chart indicates that you may put your relationship in disharmony this weekend. It is likely that you feel unworthy of your partner’s love, or that you are not giving enough value to the relationship. This feeling of self doubt could stem from a deeper issue, so best to talk things through with your partner. If this is related to financial issues, set out to resolve this so you can move forward on a positive note, Gemini. Single Gemini, you might feel that you would rather stay at home over the weekend because of an internal battle that is preventing you to go out and socialise. Find out what is causing you to feel like - especially if it is causing you to feel insecure about yourself. You can always turn to your most trusted friends for advice. Make small changes the best way you can, these things will nurture your soul. Think of other people and do daily acts of kindness. This can help you to divert your focus and restore

29 years old
Somerset, New Jersey
United States

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December 03 2019

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