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May 23rd, 2024

Gender: Other
Status: Single
Age: 13
Sign: Aries
Country: United States

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March 10, 2024


03/11/2024 04:47 PM 

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3 - 11 - 24

Hi guys! I am starting this blog to track my music career and maybe other things, but mainly music.                                                         


     Okay so lets back up to my childhood where I wanted to be a singer or an actor or whatever, I don'r really remember for I have a really bad memory. Flashforward 6 years later in about September I had started experimenting with songwriting, I used my piano skills to make short pieces, but I threw them out cause they were horrible. Now in the new year my songwriting went way up in Febuary when I had my fallout of a situanship (Which was horrible so don't ever try to get in one) I bawlled my eyes out, and started to write every day.
      Most of my songs are about this guy, but some are about being a bad bitch. The sound I am going for is an Avril Lavigne style with more mello songs as well. If you are reading this blog you will have very early acces to this, and if I ever get famous, be like "I saw their blog on a myspace dupe website" and if I can tell you are amazing. I need input on many things for this so please let me know if the lyrics are bad or not.

  That's all for now

                      Veronica, signing off



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