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09/22/2023 12:03 PM 

Vital Fluid ... [poem]

Pump that liquid through my body
Heart and blood go hand in hand
Blood on floors and under shirts
We all sought out some promised land

Knees with bruises, hearts with cuts
Gushing gore that's heavensent
Cradled like a precious toy
Sometimes love is just violent


09/17/2023 01:06 PM 

Aether when he is in a corner [Art]
Current mood:  angsty

09/16/2023 11:19 AM 

Cacophony SMP sign up form (TAKING APPLICATIONS)

09/16/2023 09:27 AM 

My thoughts on DNIs and the culture surrounding them
Current mood:  frustrated

For a bit of context, I've been on many different corners of the internet. I manage to wriggle my way in everywhere (aside from maybe 4chan, that's one I'll never go on), and something I've noticed on everything but Reddit and YouTube is that people have these huge DNI lists.
I think that's f***ing stupid.

First of all, what is a DNI?
A DNI is a "do not interact" list. Essentially just "F*** OFF!" but a liiiitle more acceptable. DNIs are usually used by people who are 12-17, and anyone older who uses a DNI is a little bitch. There, I said it.

In my personal opinion, most DNIs are immature. I'm fine with the concept, especially with things like "bigots DNI", but if you actually think:
     A: a bigot will avoid you because you have it on your DNI
     B: you're making some grand statement that wasn't already a given
You're being immature

In most online spaces I've been in (aside from maybe Reddit), it's generally assumed that you aren't a bigot. You don't have to announce "I HATE RACISM!", people will assume that because racism is a bad thing and you shouldn't be supporting it. So to put things like that on your DNI both doesn't work, and kiiinda makes you seem like you're swearing up and down "I'M NOT RACIST, SEE?! I HAVE RACISTS ON MY DNI!!!"

Then of course, theres the matter of fandoms on DNIs. It's ridiculous in my opinion. You could be missing out on the greatest friend in the world, just because they like something! And you're FINE WITH THAT?! F***ing stupid, I tell ya.
Plus, it's not... logical. Fandoms can be toxic, yes, but let's not make blanket statements about fans of a TV show, eh? My mom likes Supernatural, for example, and she's not one of the "crazy weird gross fans", she's just a woman who likes to watch a TV show.
Yes, I understand that some fandoms can be majorly populated by... rather frustrating people, but when did we stop giving people the benefit of the doubt? One bad experience with a fandom shouldn't dictate your view on the fandom, and you shouldn't be putting them on your DNI over it either.
And obviously there's the matter of "problematic creators", but look. Nobody can control what another person does. It's best to just consume the art, and ignore the artist. You aren't supporting awful awful things by engaging in a creator's work (even if they view it as such!)
Do you go into a movie theater Google searching the director's problematic past? Or do you just go in ready to see a cool movie? Yeah, nobody does the former.

But do people even obey DNIs? Honestly, no. 
Bigots don't care about your DNI, they want to harass you. They will go out of their ways to do it, even!
And fundementally, "do not interact" implies you should look at EVERY SINGLE PERSON'S PROFILE before EVER INTERACTING, which... isn't how social media works. For that, maybe call it a "do not follow" list... or just don't make one!

I will respect people's DNIs, because I value other people's comfort and happiness, but jesus f***ing christ is it actually kind of immature to think these things work.

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