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July 15th, 2023

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May 07, 2023


07/15/2023 08:21 PM 

Current mood:  anxious

blehhhh saturday...
i have 2 wait until thursday the 20th to get my adderall, i had an appt with a new psychiatrist to get some like a month ago 4 adhd and after talking to me for like 15 minutes she just decided that i have extreme social anxiety due to the fact i dont hold eye contact??? stupid. i thought i was being kinda nice the whole time but turns out i wasnt, not really; my dad was liie 'yeah girl u looked so pissed i thought u were gonna yell at her' so...!
i think she will give it to me tho, she better cuz its pretty much all im living 4 rn LOL
right now though, im lying on my bed listening to lana del rey with my LED lights on the purple setting, kinda in my drama queen era rn i suppose.
ive actually really been getting back into shoegaze recently, maybe thatll stick. i got into it like a year ago, around the same season too, kinda funny
anyways im gonna go now but i might update later if these are interesting to anyone lmao
make sure to take care of urself if ur reading this; drink water, sleep enough, whatever etc
love ya!

05/24/2023 11:45 PM 

school is annoying </3
Current mood:  melancholy

story time for context !! :p
so basically in my county, a major power cable somehow exploded this morning, leaving multiple schools without power, including wifi or a/c... of course mine was totally one of the ones affected by this ! smh.. around 11:20am the entire student population, along with maybe half of the teachers, were moved into the cafeteria. it was soooo cramped and chaotic because of course many kids were running around and causing utter chaos with their friends...! i kinda sorta maybeeee only have one friend at school but he happened to leave early today, of course.. so i was stuck in the corner by myself; worst of all though- my phone was dead !! and since the power was out, i was unable to charge it, so i had to endure the rest of the school day with no entertainment and all alone T-T
i mean, i guess it couldve been worse... a week ago, our 'senior prank' consisted of a few kids anonymously reporting a bomb-threat, and the entire school was evacuated onto the football feild. it was very hot, considering i live in florida, and despite the season its almost always 90 degrees outside </3
well i guess this particular blog is just me rambling about my day haha.. if anyone reads this though, how was your day? :3

05/09/2023 06:43 PM 

tuesday </3
Current mood:  tired

yesterday was soooo tiring lmao i went to bed at like 5pm
i preneted a 10 min speech in fromt of my class and think i almost threw up, then got my bloodwork done later (which i didnt know would happen lol) and almost threw up again. the only reason i didnt start crying was bcuz my friend spammed me with cute cat stickers(⁠´⁠;⁠ω⁠;⁠`⁠)
so super tired from sleeping too much...? idk how that works o_o

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