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Last Login:
January 23rd, 2023

Gender: Other

Age: 18
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January 20, 2023


01/22/2023 08:32 PM 


If yall see me making posts in 80 different fonts it's because I'm trying out what looks best on my layout teehee!!! 

01/22/2023 08:27 PM 

Note Taking

Does anyone else treat their notes like  graphic design? 
I'll be writing my notes in like 3 different colors and fonts and then notice there's an indention error or something like nooo  

I know it doesn't matter because like nobody is seeing these notes but me but like I feel so superior writing my cute little paragraphs!!! Those girls at the library that take out 6000 pens before sitting on their phone for 3 hours were onto something!!!

01/21/2023 01:20 AM 

Doll Collecting
Current mood:  cheerful

My first time using a blog!!! 
If anyone is into toy collecting, please let me know! I am currently expanding my collection of sylvanian families/calico critters, but I also collect rement and littlest pet shops!

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