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March 22nd, 2023

Gender: Male
Status: In a relationship
Age: 15
Country: Canada

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January 11, 2023


03/11/2023 09:33 PM 

Random thoughts part 2 + Birthday talk
Current mood:  blissful

It was my birthday on the 9th!!! lemme write a list of the things i got 

3DS (I got early), Posca pens, new hair straigtener, New mini bag!! (mario kart bag), Mario socks, Crystals, Insence holder, Some bath herbs, to do list curated for autistic people (like meh), planner, snail colouring book (my favorite animal!) sketch book, Snow themed candle, Pepsi, lots of candies, Switch joycon stick covers, Splatoon DLC, and im getting some money from my ooma! i also got a cool mario themed party and me and my sibilings played mario kart for literally HOURS. Sadly my partner and i couldnt call, but im sure we will make up for it soon!! 

i gotta post more on here, its been FOREVER, sorry guys!!! ill make up for it in the next few days, i wish there were more people on friendproject, i really wanna make like a circle of friends or something, all of my friends wont get on friendproject which AARRRGGGHH GET ON HERE!!!!! My partner did though (which thank you ceres i love you!!!) but NOBODY ELSE DID!!??!? FRIENDPROJECT IS SO FUN!!! anywaysss, ill do a photoshoot of myself in the next few days, that will go in my planner, ill see you guys later!!!

- Five

02/15/2023 12:40 PM 

Worried, but chocolate makes me feel better (scattered thoughts i wanna write down)
Current mood:  guilty

I got upset yesterday for a reason I still dont understand , I would be worried about it still but I think it's okay now, I'm sure my partner has forgiven me (i hope). I do wanna make another account based on a character of a show I like, think that would be pretty fun , though hard to update often. I wonder if anyone would follow it? My sister gave me chocolate on valentines day and I'm just pretending iit'sfrom my partner because I miss aer so much  (though I still appreciate my sister's work, I'm not just gonna ignore she did this for me, thank you, Kayla ). friendproject keeps saying that my timezone is 2 hours ahead of MST (my timezone) and i have to change the time on my blog every time, its kinda weird, does anyone else get that ? anyways I'm tired, see you blog

01/25/2023 08:04 AM 

serious rant about school
Current mood:  melancholy

to sum up my wonderful day yesterday, a teacher literally called me a selfesh peice of sh*t for having depression, called me selfesh, told me that im guilttripping my sister (caregiver) every single day, fed into my delusions, and literally told me her son died and shes fine after to make it seem like im a f***ing lazy cunt, well f*** then, im clearly not going to school till this a**hole gets delt with. My sister s caling the school board today, i may even do it before her, im just sick of this sh*t, beng literally BULLIED BY TEACHERS. Not even students, theres maybe like one or two kids who are rude but like thats a thing in every school, now thef***ing TEACHERS DOING IT? like holy sh*t when did the f***ing roles switch up? my biggest bullies ever have been teachers, not students. i hate this f***ing trash schoo, i thought it would be different, maybe the next school will be.

01/17/2023 04:35 AM 

I need some food.
Current mood:  hungry

IM. SO. TIRED. and nauseated, I might change my profile layout cause I'm bored. I miss my partner so much, why do they live across the f***ing world? UGH, I MISS AER. SO MUCH!!!  It's okay though, I'm sending them a package soon anyways, and I'm getting one from them!! I hope that's soon, very soon. I need a hair straightener, My sister lost the one we had. I'm gonna cut this short, I'm tired and I need sleep and I'm hungry, so hungry. 

01/15/2023 04:05 PM 

I need to sleep.
Current mood:  sleepy

I gotta get to bed. It's like 4 am and I have school on the 16th.  I can only imagine how sh*tty school will be. Stupid preppy girls giggling and me not having a place cause of some reason, maybe it's cause I'm gay? or maybe it's my style? Whatever, they all are basic anyways, they call themselves emo and then wear the most basic thing ever, couldn't be me. These poser preps can suck one. I know this stupid bitch named "Presley" who wears the stupidest outfits ever, big shirts and big bell bottoms DONT LOOK GOOD TOGETHER. I repeat THEY ARE F***ING UGLY!!!  I mean, everything on her looks nasty. I would say "Wear some skinny jeans and a band tee and change up your hair! " but she's too ugly for that too,  god she makes my blood boil.  one time I moved a chair and she screamed at me for no reason, she wanted to sit in that specific chair, and she said "THAT'S NOT WHERE IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE!! YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!" Like she knows everything, I moved a chair for f***s sake!!!  Whatever, I'm moving homerooms, I begged the principal (well, not really) but still, she said she will, which I'm happy about, my friend Keith is there, and also Dimitri, which I wanna get to know him more, he seems very nice.  It will be weird getting used to the new schedule, but I'm sure I will be okay. I miss my partner a lot.  Ae is at a sleepover tonight, and they can't text. I miss them, I'm sure I can talk to them when they get back, I really love them, I've been thinking about them so much.  yeah, I should sleep, my other friend is supposed to come to my house today, the only reason I said they could is cause I'm bored and they wanna make bread for some reason?  it's weird, but it's alright, I like bread.  anyways, ill update you later, probably tomorrow night, well, goodnight. 

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