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01/22/2023 08:29 PM 

Dear Digital Diary day 1
Current mood:  bored

Dear digital diary..

Today I did nothing at all, besides going to wingstop and mcdonalds

what did i get you may ask? A double cheeseburger, fries, and an icecream cone (a lot of food I KNOW)

That morning i also had a breakfast sandwhich which was great

AND FOR DINNER, 4 chicken wings (yummy) 

anyways enough about the stuff i ate i also did some writing on Healing In Distress and Edith's enchantment (my books)

and also did my spanish lessons which im gonna try to do a spanish diary (keeping that one private cuz my spanish is confusing)

anyways gn digital diary!

ps.I have more to say but ill upload that 2mrow

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