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03/28/2023 08:22 PM 

Farewell and Salute to 3DS & Wii U eshop
Current mood:  sad

It ended yesterday; and I like have 7% of what I wanted from it (games are expensive!!!!) so I'm posting some of what I wanted from the shop here (would post pictures but I'm kinda in a hurry, will try again later..)

Turkey Please!
Mirrorrim (apparently that disappeared a long time ago though🙃)
Yokai Watch 
Ever Oasis​​​​​
Pokemon Yellow
Pokemon Moon
Fire Emblem Birthright
Bravely Default (Flapping Fairies? I just heard this extra part of the name; is it the same game?)
Bravely Second
​​New Super Mario Bros2

Fire Emblem Conquest
Kirby Battle Royal
Kid Icarus 3D Classic
Disney Art Academy
Hyperlight X (Keep forgetting the name... and it was ripped out before closing..)
Master of Magna
Minecraft (Have it on Wii U, but it would've been AWESOME on 3DS)
Freaky Forms
Mocca Monsters
Rune2 (I have no idea why I can't remember the name of this very short titled game)
Skyward Sword
Yume Odyssey


11/20/2022 01:28 PM 

Current mood:  tired

If anyone came by my profile and noticed it was not active, it is because I originally wanted to upload a comic here. But due to uploading rules, I am unsure if I could or not.. I am in a awkward position now because of that...

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