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February 19th, 2023

Gender: Female
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Age: 18
Country: United States

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November 08, 2022


11/20/2022 08:54 PM 

⧸⎩⎠⎞͏(・∀・)⎛͏⎝⎭⧹ f r e e t i m e
Current mood:  cookywacky

i guess im writing this more for myself then anyone else but hi! a musical i was recently performing in finally ended after rehearsing for 3 whole months. now I am once again left to myself, with a bunch of unfinished homework from my teachers that ive been working on all day today and probably tomorrow and day after too. but aside from that ive been hyping myself up for a project: creating a dark cabaret type song. i have a real nice keyboard and a very theatrical voice, as well as sufficient experience listening to and knowing what dark cabaret is made of. to thosee of you who dont know- its a really kewl music genre that sounds dark and spooky and playful and mixed with weimar-style german cabaret sounds/instruments and or a circus-y rythm. my description isn't that great though, sorry. Im thinking something along the lines of Evelyn Evelyn or something like The Silent by The Tragic Tantrum, both great songs you should totally check them out whoever sees this.

11/09/2022 10:43 PM 

New Unique Horror Movie Discovered!

As an avid movie watcher I'd like to share cinematography I think somebody could enjoy 

my recent discovery was The People Under The Stairs, Wes Craven horror movie from the 90's, with Wendy Robie from Twin Peaks (a show I have to admit I never watched, but am planning to). Thought it was rather exciting and I wanted to know how things turned out 


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