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September 27th, 2022

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September 15, 2022


09/22/2022 02:25 PM 

What is Reality?
Current mood:  inquisitive

Lately, I've been interested in questioning reality and what we all collectively agree to be reality. What is true objective reality if not just a collection of individual subjective realities. It gets even more complicated as we begin to realize that we are limited by our instruments for measurements and investigation of what we currently can't measure with our physical senses. It is a well known fact that there are certain wavelenght of light and colors in our visible spectrum that surround us at all times, but are invisible to our eyes. Yet because of our instruments that we have to measure them we can confidently accept that these invisible particles in our air exist. During investigation we are also bound by our set of beliefs, expectations, and perceptions. We all have different ways of looking at and understanding certain phenomenon. You may be familiar with optical illusions, and based on how you look at the image it will determine what you will actually see because there are always multiple ways to see one optical illusion. Basically, I think we may be over-simplifying reality. The truth is we can't confidently say we know what it definitely is or isn't. Our reality is continuously being uncovered and evolving. And what we call reality is perharps more complex than we are willing to admit, yet we fight so hard to uphold one version of reality against another. But what if all perceptions are valild. Why does one subjective reality have to be superior to others? What if objective reality is more like a yet to be completed giant puzzle? We could all be picking up on one part of the puzzle of reality. It is often times the meaning and interpretations behind what is being observed that is largely influencing this full picture. Our subjective meanings can also get in the way from further serious exploration because we all have differing influences that make up how we individually see the reality around us. And they are always competing against each other which can blind us from the full picture of what is being observed. To further illustrate this concept you should look up the "double slit experiment". Basically, the observer itself may be directly influencing the reality around them. There are only waves of potential, and it is the observer by the mere act of observing that determines the organization of the particles that make up what it is that you are actively looking at. Therefore you might just be actively creating your own reality.

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