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09/19/2022 08:46 PM 

Dark Net and Tor adventures part one!
Current mood:  adventurous

Hi guys!
I recently installed linux (((debian btw))), not to brag for karma on r*ddit or something idk what kids these days do lol, but to browse dark net safely!!! (and install stuff from terminal omfg it looks so goddamn 1337!!!). I did it because when i accidentaly see something illegal i only have trauma for the rest of my life and i won't also go to jail yippe!! So, let's begin!! The first thing i wanted to see is tor mirror of my friendproject friend, lolwut, site, it sadly doesn't work anymoar :C, i hope it will be back someday. Next thing i checked was, its some sort of link directory like there are on neocities sites, i've seen some drug handling sites, 8chan .onion link, i wanted to visit all sites there were on, excluding PornHub, cause i didn't wanted to check if it's just normal pornhub diffrent link or some sort of darknet pornhub full of cheese pizza (also normal pornhub would be boring af, like, its just a porn site i've seen a morbillion times lmao). Read "Darknet Bible" and "Darknet history". Found also some cool site "Darknet live" or something that is darknet news, kinda cool to read if you ask me, there was bbc onion link (boring af if you ask me). Cool sh*t started when i visited Phobos Search, it's search engine for darknet, i searched a lot of crazy sh*t like "goblins are real" and "aliens proof", found nothing real sadly (but goblins are real i believe it!!!). The greatest thing i found was some old old old russian book for kids about goblins translated to engrish, it's ofc long but it was funny as heck. I really REALLY wanted to check Dread but it's experiencing DDoS rn so no browsing. It was fun to do. I also want to say that i didn't seen any cheese pizza and im proud of myself for that, i hope i won't get banned off friendproject for this blogpost, or at least, won't get meet by feds tommorow while on my way to school, bye!!

09/01/2022 05:30 PM 

Back to school & more

welp, school started, today we only had this some sort of "first day" that lasts 15 minutes, im in 8th grade now, thank god that 1st september is on thursday so i only need to go to school tommorow and have weekend lmao, anyway let's stop talking about school, yesterday i installed on my windows 10 pc windows 7 and it's awe so me, i love the aero, windows classic theme that makes windows 7 look like windows 2000, this is last good windows and i see why so many people still run it today as it's main OS, itz great, i also installed terraria yesterday, it's so fun! As an ex minecraft player (1.19.1984 update got me to leave as well as well as even worse optimalization) i love it, i feel like a newbie that's discovering new game again! making possibly stupid sh*t, i also heard about these bosses i wanna fight em, also it's better than minecraft because i can say "sh*t cocksucker" on chat and don't get banned. Also, terraria is only game that promises to end with updates but still get's updates, i first was interested in terraria when "journey end" dropped and there were so much changes since then, devs just love this game too much and that's a fact. bye i need to play minesweeper now (btw microsoft where are games in windows 10 huh?)

08/31/2022 06:34 PM 

First blog post
Current mood:  pessimistic

Well, this is my first blog post, gonna do more of them, wanted to say that, it's almost end of summer vacations, and tommorow i have school again , at least i'm going to say something here daily, i had scrambled eggs for breakfast today and they were rly gode , probably gonna do prince ali rescue quest on my new osrs account, also im trying out Internet Explorer 11 for the first time, i have windows xp on my second pc but rn im writing from my main windows 10 machine, all i can say that a lot more pages work than on internet explorer 6 and that's cool . Have a good day ~kekmeleon 31th August 2022 P.S holy sh*t there are a lot of moods here like omfg too much of them

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